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SS Linebeck
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The SS Linebeck is the boat that Link, Ciela and Linebeck use to travel the World of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass.[1]


After Link rescues Linebeck from the Temple of the Ocean King and meets him back at his ship, Oshus arrives and tells the young hero that he should go to the Isle of Ember and talk to Astrid for clues on how to find the Ghost Ship. Linebeck agrees to go with both Link and Ciela on their quest to travel around the World of the Ocean King and rescue Tetra.


The SS Linebeck is controlled by drawing its path on the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS. While out on the sea, there will be an arrow at the bottom of the screen which can be pressed to make the ship jump and evade Sea Traps. The side of the touch screen has a gear with the words "Go" and "Stop" to halt the ship if necessary. When Link buys the Cannon from Eddo, it will be immediately installed onto the ship, where Link will have an infinite amount of Bombs to destroy enemies out on the sea by just tapping the monster. Eventually the Salvage Arm will also get installed on the ship to obtain treasure from deep beneath the waves.

When at sea, the ship's endurance meter appears as Green Hearts on the top screen. If the ship runs out of hearts, it will be a Game Over. Docking the ship replenishes any hearts lost during travels. The Salvage Arm, however, must be repaired by Gazpacho in the Shipyard on Mercay Island. The ship can also be customized with different Ship Parts by talking to Gazpacho.

In order to dock on an island, the ship's destination must be drawn and touch the anchor symbol that is situated next to the island. Once done so, the ship will automatically follow the path drawn and land on the island as it is nearing to it.

Towards the end of the game, the SS Linebeck gets completely destroyed after Link and Linebeck defeat the Ghost Ship. Once the Ocean King returns to his original form, Linebeck, instead of asking for treasure, asks for his ship back. The SS Linebeck is last seen during the game's ending when Link watches it sailing away without any visible damages.

Ship Parts

Main article: Ship Parts

The SS Linebeck is completely customizable, and most of its ship parts can be randomly found either in treasures from dungeons, the ocean floor, or by trading them with other users via Wi-Fi. Once he has obtained a ship part, it will immediately be transferred to the Shipyard in Mercay Island, where the young hero can talk to the man there to customize the boat as Link pleases.[2] The ship's stamina can increase by either using parts from the same set or by having a good combination of sets.[3] The maximum stamina a ship can have without the Golden Set is seven hearts; however, by having the Golden Set, its stamina will increase to 8 hearts.[4]

Non-Canon Appearances

Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)

In the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa, the SS Linebeck makes its first appearance after Ciela assumes that Linebeck's ship is not seaworthy.[5] Link is stunned to see the ship and claims that it is awesome.[6] Linebeck says that it is because the vessel is his ship.[7] Onboard, Linebeck has Link do chores such as swabbing the ship's deck to pay for his transportation.[8] After the ship sails to the Isle of Ember and Leaf is freed, it is attacked by a Flying Fish.[9] Due to Linebeck's cowardice, the SS Linebeck does not have any weaponry,[10][11] thereby Link decides to get a Cannon for the ship on Cannon Island. Eventually a Cannon is built on the ship and it continues the voyage.

Later on, a water sprout whisks the SS Linebeck to the Ghost Ship,[12][13] where it is surrounded by a thick fog.[14] The ship lands on the Isle of Gust,[15] and is then steered toward Molida Island afterwards in order to rescue a girl who was taken by Cyclok.[16] Upon hearing Tetra's voice, Ciela and the other two Spirits set the ship's course for the Ghost Ship.[17] After an encounter with one of the Cubus Sisters and a conversation with Oshus, the ship's crew sets sail to find the blacksmith Zauz in order to defeat Bellum.[18] Despite their efforts, the SS Linebeck is attacked and boarded by the pirate girl Jolene.[19][20] Jolene reveals that Linebeck once saved her from a monster by ramming his ship in its side.[21] Linebeck had panicked and was attempting to sail in the other direction, accidentally sailing into the monster by mistake.[22]

Link uses the SS Linebeck to travel back to Mercay Island in order to save Linebeck from Bellum. Before the Temple of the Ocean King collapses on them, Oshus, who is really the Ocean King, pulls the reunited group back to the ship.[23] To help Link battle against Bellum, the nearly freed Tetra takes command of the SS Linebeck and aims the Cannon at the demon's eye.[24] During the battle one of Bellum's tentacles smashes the ship's prow,[25] yet it manages to survive the battle. The ship drifts on the now calm ocean after Bellum's defeat. Aboard the vessel, Linebeck makes his wish as Link and Tetra are returned to their world.[26] The SS Linebeck is shown a final time in Hyrule with Linebeck blowing its steam whistle, causing Link to realize Linebeck had not wished for treasure after all.[27]


  • One Goron on Goron Island has an obsession with the SS Linebeck, which he would name the S.S. Goronbeck.[28]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French Republic FrenchEU Linebeck I
Federal Republic of Germany German Linebecks Schiff
Italian Republic Italian Battello di linebeck
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Linebeck I
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA SS Linebeck



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