"Rutala River is the wildest river in Lanayru. You'd be risking your life if you tried to swim across it... If you go north of it, you'll have to walk patiently to Linebeck Island in the east so you can circumvent it."

The Rutala River is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the province of Lanayru and flows from the Rutala Dam in Lanayru Great Spring to the Lanayru Wetlands. It is the wildest river in the Lanayru province and too dangerous for Hylians to swim across though it is possible to go around it by travelling to Linebeck Island in the Lanayru Wetlands.


Like many locations in Breath of the Wild, Rutala River is named after a character from a previous game, namely Queen Rutela. It shares this distinction with Rutala Dam.

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