"This is a big one! Look at that impressive pattern on its back!"
— In-game description
Rusty Swordfish

Rusty Swordfish are fish from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. They are very large saltwater fish that live in the Great Sea. They are named after their rust-colored backs. Because of their large size and rarity, they are hard to catch and are highly sought out by fishermen. Rusty Swordfish are so large that, when caught, they must be lifted out of the water with the Salvage Arm.

After a Rusty Swordfish is caught, Link can take the it to the Old Wayfarer, allowing him to fish on swordfish areas in addition to regular fish areas. Swordfish areas are the only place where Neptoona appear.

Rare Stowfish can also be found on the undersides of Rusty Swordfish.

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