"This once-fearsome sword has seen better days. It can do some damage in the right hands but also breaks quickly."
Hyrule Compendium

The Rusty Broadsword is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a sword that has become rusted and as a result it has low durability.

It has a base attack power of 6, which interestingly makes it one point stronger than the Traveler's Sword, though the Traveler's Sword has higher durability as the Rusty Broadsword's structural integrity has apparently been compromised effecting its durability. It can be seen as a companion to the Rusty Shield.

Like other "Rusty" weapons, it can be refreshed into better single-handed swords by feeding it to Rock Octoroks when they are sucking in air, which will cause them to chew it up then spit out a better sword. This allows Link to obtain better two-handed swords such as a Soldier's Broadsword, Knight's Broadsword, and rarely a Royal Broadsword.

One spawns in a stone on a small island in a lake near the Temple of Time in the Great Plateau. They can also be found in ruins across Hyrule, though most commonly in the Hyrule Field region which includes Hyrule Castle. They can also commonly be found in Eldin Canyon region. Bokoblins may occasionally wield them in certain places or pick them up if unarmed. Rusty Broadswords also tend to appear in wet areas as water tends to rust metal weapons more quickly. However Zora Swords are incapable of becoming Rusty Broadswords as they are made of a special rustproof metal utilized by the aquatic Zora in Zora armaments manufacturing. The Master Sword is also immune to becoming one as while it can become battle worn the holy blade can repair itself especially if placed inside its Sword Pedestal.


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