This article is about the Spirit Tracks character. For the character from Twilight Princess, see Rusl.
"The secret to becoming a great warrior is practice and more practice."
— Russell

Russell is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The captain of the Hyrulean Soldiers who protect the Royal Family of Hyrule, he is skilled with a sword. He resides in Hyrule Castle, and is found in a special training room with the other soldiers.


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Upon meeting him, Russell sees great potential in Link. In the beginning of the game, he gives Link the Recruit's Sword and teaches him how to use the sword, as well as techniques such as stabbing, slashing, and Jump Attacks.

Later on, he allows Link to take part in the Training Game, in which he must attack three Hyrulean Soldiers 60 times without being hit himself three times. If he completes this mini-game, Russell rewards him with a Heart Container. If Link attacks the three Hyrulean Soldiers 900 or more times (maxing out at 999 times), Russell bestows Link with the title of "captain" and will address him as such throughout the rest of the game.

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