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Rusl and Uli's Daughter is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is the unnamed daughter of Uli and Rusl of Ordon Village, and as such, the younger sister of Colin. She is not born until the very end of the game, and shares her family's physical characteristics such as hair, and arguably, eyes.

Inside Uli's house, there is a hand-drawn picture, done presumably by Colin, hanging on the wall depicting four figures, with three of them pertaining to Colin, Uli, and Rusl. The fourth is suspected to be his unborn sister. However, this is debatable; some suspect the figure to be Link, for whom Colin holds high respect.


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At the beginning of the game, Uli is visibly pregnant with an unborn child. She plans to use Colin's old cradle for her baby to sleep in once born, however, it is stolen by a female monkey. Link uses Hawk Grass to retrieve the cradle from the monkey, for which he receives a Fishing Rod Colin had made for him. The actual birth of Rusl and Uli's daughter is never witnessed; in the end credits, she is shown as having been born, wrapped in a pink blanket and sleeping in the cradle Link retrieved.

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