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"Rupeeland is a place where everyone will suffer... it is truly like a nightmare..."
Grand Fairy

Rupeeland is a country mentioned in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Believed to be a utopian paradise, Tingle is tricked by Uncle Rupee, who leads him to believe that if he can gather enough Rupees, he can enjoy a blissful existence in Rupeeland. The Grand Fairy informs Tingle, however, that Rupeeland is a horrible place where evil reigns and freedom does not exist. Because of this, it becomes clear that Uncle Rupee is using Tingle, and there have been plenty of people before him that had collected enough Rupees for Uncle Rupee; they were in return sent to Rupeeland where they were forced into an eternity as Uncle Rupee's slaves.

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