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Rupee Likes are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


Rupee Likes are variations of Like Likes, with Rupees of varying denominations attached to stalks at their tops.

Four Swords[]

Rupee Likes debut in Four Swords. They hide under the Rupees at the top of their stalks, which they use as a lure to try to ambush and eat any Link. The color of the Rupee on their stalk determines how many Rupees it steals from a Link at a time. They can be very annoying if not dealt with quickly, especially in the later levels, since they will spit a Link out only if he breaks free or if all of the Rupees are stolen, and you need Rupees in order to pass levels or revive fallen Links. Additionally, Rupee Likes are very durable comparing to most other enemies.

Most of the time if a piece of Rupee spawns out of nowhere, it is very likely to be a Rupee Like.

The Minish Cap[]

Rupee Like (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Rupee Like Figurine Sprite
Rupee Like
Appears in caves, dungeons, etc.
This Rupee Like has a Rupee dangling
from its head stalk. This clever lure
attracts greedy and delicious heroes.

Rupee Likes hide under the Rupees at the top of their stalks and use it to lure Link in The Minish Cap. They act pretty much like their debut appearance in Four Swords. They appear in various areas and come in three types: Green Rupee Likes, Blue Rupee Likes, and Red Rupee Likes. The color of the Rupee indicates how many Rupees they drain at a time from Link. Rupee Likes appear be shorter than Like Likes, not counting their stalks, and can only engulf Link up to his neck. When they have captured him, they hold his head with their stalks.

If a Rupee Like engulfs Link, it will suck his Rupees away and continue to do so until he struggles free or if he runs out of Rupees. Rupee Likes are commonly found hiding in a large group of Rupees and are usually found at a corner or the middle of the formation. The Rupees they carry on their stalks are real and can be claimed among the undigested Rupees when they are defeated. Rupee Likes will continue to chase down Link if he has no Rupees, though they deal no damage.

One method to avoid falling prey to a Rupee Like is to collect free-standing Rupees with items such as the Boomerang or the Gust Jar.

Phantom Hourglass[]

Rupee Likes are very large in Phantom Hourglass, appearing in the Isle of Ruins. As with Like Likes, they can draw Link in from a distance like a vacuum. They appear in the maze-like area before the water level is lowered with the King's Key, and they will appear within the maze if the water level has already been lowered.

As in The Minish Cap, Rupee Likes attempt to lure Link with the Rupees at the top of their stalks; the color of the Rupee determines how many Rupees are stolen from Link at a time. They will spit him out if he breaks free or if he runs out of Rupees, although it is possible for him to break free before any Rupees are stolen.

They will still try to attack Link even if he has no Rupees. Unlike The Minish Cap, Link will take one half of a Heart of damage when he is released by the Rupee Like, but the damage is taken when he lands on the ground. If Link hits the ground after being released and falls into water, the extra damage will apply, dealing a total of one Heart of damage. Also, Rupee Likes can hide back in the ground if Link is far enough away, using their Rupees as lures again, and they will attack if Link re-approaches.

If Rupees are stolen from Link by a Rupee Like, he can regain them if he defeats the Rupee Like quickly.

A Link Between Worlds[]

Rupee Likes have slightly larger shadows in comparison to normal Rupees in A Link Between Worlds. As usual, a Rupee Like will reveal themselves when Link draws near. A Rupee Like will try to eat him if it's facing him when he's close enough. Rupee Likes cannot chase Link if he's on shallow water, but they can still eat him if he's close enough to dry land. Unlike the other games it's appeared in, all Rupee Likes will steal a set amount of Rupees from Link regardless of the color of the Rupee on their stalks, before spitting him out; always stealing ~20 Rupees each time, and Link will take only a quarter of a heart of damage when he's spat out. The amount of Rupees stolen can be decreased if Link struggles if the player moves the circle pad of the Nintendo 3DS. Also, Link can also get hurt by simply touching the Rupee Like when it doesn't try to eat him. This actually deals more damage then being spat out after being eaten, similarly to the Anti-Kirbies in Link's Awakening, but it only deals half a heart of damage. They will always drop a Green Rupee upon defeat, even if the Rupee Like is a Blue Rupee Like, Red Rupee Like, or Purple Rupee Like. Even after defeat, Link cannot regain Rupees that have been stolen from him. Green, Blue, and Red Rupee Likes appear all throughout Hyrule and Lorule, while the Purple Rupee Like only appears in Lorule's Rupee Rush Mini-Game.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ルピーライク (Rupī Raiku) Rupee Like
Federal Republic of Germany German Rubin-Schleim Rupee Slime
Italian Republic Italian Like Like Rupia Rupee Like Like
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Rupiente


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