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Rupee Good
All of the collected Rupee Goods
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Rupee Goods are items in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[1]

Location and Uses

Rupee Goods are collected by doing various tasks and quests. They are stored in Tingle's House on the second floor.

If Tingle collects all of them, he can free Pinkle from Uncle Rupee. When done, Pinkle will give Tingle a "very special reward" and provide him with aid during the final battle.

List of Rupee Goods

# Name Image and description Location How to obtain
01 Rupee Poster 1-RupeePoster.png Hometown Prairie When the Tower at the Western Pool reaches Level 2, Uncle Rupee will give this to Tingle.
02 Gold Shark Teeth 2-GoldSharkTeeth.png Pirate Hideaway A hole in the wall (Small Bodyguard required)
03 Sea-Weed Notes 3-SeaWeedNotes.png Pirate Hideaway A hole in the wall (Small Bodyguard required)
04 Wood Fish 4-WoodFish.png Pirate Hideaway A locked door (Medium Bodyguard required)
05 Moo Moo Parasol 5-MooMooParasol.png Lon Lon Meadow A Secret Grotto revealed by digging in the northern part of the map
06 Waterfall Fish 6-WaterfallFish.png Deku Forest Inside a hidden passage in the waterfall
07 Fortune Leaf 7-FortuneLeaf.png Deku Temple A locked door (Medium Bodyguard required)
08 Rupee Tree 8-RupeeTree.png Deku Temple Behind a boulder (Large Bodyguard required)
09 Pink Lotus 9-PinkLotus.png Steamy Marsh Behind a huge rock (Nitro Bomb required)
10 Kid Toadstool 10-KidToadstool.png Gooey Swamp A Secret Grotto revealed by digging near the bridge to the south
11 Prospector Bug 11-ProspectorBug.png Insect Cavern Behind a boulder (Large Bodyguard required)
12 Cobweb Tights 12-CobwebTights.png Insect Cavern Behind a small rock (Tingle Bomb required)
13 Bug Eye Glasses 13-BugEyeGlasses.png Insect Cavern Behind a boulder (Large Bodyguard required)
14 Bronze Butterfly 14-BronzeButterfly.png Gooey Swamp Bringing the Chief Explorer all 3 Butterflies
15 Millionaire Doll 15-MillionaireDoll.png Icy Plain Retrieving the Snow Father's lost items
16 Spender Emblem 16-SpenderEmblem.png Hometown Prairie Bringing the Old Gent the Rich Kid's 3 lost toys
17 Lighthouse Cap 17-LighthouseCap.png Sunshine Seashore Behind a small rock (Tingle Bomb required)
18 Silk Rope 18-SilkRope.png Mount Desma Dropping off of the top of the mountain after playing the mini-game
19 Magma Ball 19-MagmaBall.png Desma's Labyrinth Dropping down a hole onto the platform on which it rests below
20 Dragon Fry 20-DragonFry.png Desma's Labyrinth A locked door (Medium Bodyguard required)
21 Human Doll 21-HumanDoll.png Fairy Garden Digging in the area of the map with its image
22 Piggy Bank 22-PiggyBank.png Auros Ruins On an altar in the north-eastern portion of the map
23 Battle Robot 23-BattleRobot.png Auros Ruins Battling 4 robots in a room
24 Pickaxe 24-Pickaxe.png Sunshine Seashore Obtained from the Foreman after building all of his childrens' bridges
25 Master Pen 25-MasterPen.png Hometown Prairie Obtained from the Map seller after completing all 11 maps and buying them back from her
26 Merchant Fan 26-MerchantFan.png Pirate Pier (Cape Treasure Gooey Swamp, Mount Desma) Obtained from the Merchant after selling him all 10 Local Specialties
27 Super Chef Hat 27-SuperChefHat.png Hometown Prairie Obtained from the Chef after learning all 31 Recipes
28 Crown Bottle Cap 28-CrownBottleCap.png Steamy Marsh Obtained from the Empty Jar Inventor after acquiring all 23 Empty Jars
29 Fairy Doll 29-FairyDoll.png Hometown Prairie Obtained from Chiko's Mom after the event at the fountain after throwing 20,000 Rupees in
30 Oink Flowers 30-OinkFlowers.png Auros Ruins Obtained from the Oinker Couple after they have married and you have set off Tingle Fireworks in front of them


  1. "You found one of the Rupee Goods! You got the Bug Eye Glasses" — N/A (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)