Rumor Guy is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He likes to gossip, especially about Princess Zelda. When Link speaks to him, Rumor Guy is eager to gossip, and he will become dishearten if Link does not share his enthusiasm.

Rumor Guy lives in what appears to be a cave in the northern most part of Lost Woods. he has blond hair and skin several shades darker than Link's. He has pink trousers and a green and yellow top.


Princess Zelda

Rumor Guy claims that every night Princess Zelda goes for an excursion around the castle, leading her maids to believe that she is secretly meeting a sweetheart. However one night someone (possibly Rumor Guy) followed her and discovered that she was actually going to look at the painting of the previous Link and Zelda in the center of the castle.


Rumor Guy states that one morning he saw Gramps performing a handstand using just one finger. This demonstration of power appears to somewhat worry him, so he tells Link he will not get here the gossip from him as he "doesn't want to get on that guys bad side".


According to Rumor Guy, the witch used to have a crush on the Fortune Teller. When the fortune teller became ill, she brew him a potion and dropped it off into his mailbox, instead of giving it to him in person. Later when she did visit him, he told her fortune, saying that he saw "a man that you fancy" but he was unable to make out who it was. He then went on to say that "he does not return your affections" and that there was "no future" for the two of them.

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