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"But Zelda is going on a Royal Tour of the northern towns today! I have to go with her -- to protect her from Ganon"

The Royal Tour is an event from the Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant. In the first edition of the comic series, Princess Zelda and Impa go to visit the northern towns in an event known as the 'Royal Tour'. During the Royal Tour, Link is confined to the North Palace due in part to Impa's prophecy that the world will fall into darkness if Link leaves the Palace on this day.

This proves true, as the entire day, Ganon attempts to trick Link into leaving the castle by disguising himself as Miff, Captain Krin and Impa herself, and stating in different ways that Zelda has met up with trouble during the Royal Tour. Eventually, Link traps Ganon in the palace walls and instructs the guards to not open the gates for anyone. A watchmen named Erol is tricked by Ganon disguised as Link, however, and allows him to leave the palace. Zelda and Impa later return from the Royal Tour unharmed.

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