"The shimmering emblem design of this saddle signifies its origins with the Hyrulean royal family. They say Princess Zelda herself once used this saddle for her own beloved horse. "
— In-game description

The Royal Saddle is a key item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a saddle that Link can equip to his horse. It can be obtained as a reward after completing the side quest "The Royal White Stallion". This saddle is said to have once been used by Princess Zelda for her White Stallion before the fall of Hyrule during the Great Calamity.

Recovered Memories

""Be sure to take your time to soothe your mount... That's the only way they'll know how you truly feel." Your advice was quite helpful-thank you. This little one and I are getting along quite well now. At first, I wasn't sure if I should outfit him with all of the royal gear. I thought maybe he should have to earn it first. But it works! He wears it like a true natural. I'm trying to be a bit more empathetic. Benefit of doubt, you know?"
Princess Zelda

In Recovered Memory #14: "To Mount Lanayru", Princess Zelda can be seen riding her Royal White Stallion mentioned by Toffa, and it is equipped with the Royal Saddle and Bridle. However her horse appears in several Recovered Memories in the background grazing often with Link's unnamed horse from before the Great Calamity. It first appears in Recovered Memory #5: "Zelda's Resentment", grazing at the Ancient Columns while Zelda tries to access the unpowered Tena Ko'sah Shrine before Link rides up on his horse. In Recovered Memory #9: "Silent Princess", Zelda and Link rest under a tree on Irch Plain with Zelda taking pictures while their horses graze together.

Breath of the Wild Horse Princess Zelda's Royal White Stallion (Recovered Memory - Cutscene)

Princess Zelda's Royal White Stallion equipped with the Royal Bridle

In Memory #14 while riding their horses to Sanidin Park, Zelda thanks Link for his advice (advice which she quotes verbatim) on soothing her mount noting they are getting along quite well thanks to his advice. At first she wasn't going to outfit him with all the Royal Gear thinking he should have to earn it but in an attempt at being more empathetic she decided to outfit him with the Royal Bridle and Saddle and it worked out well as he wears it like a true natural. At Sanidin Park, they leave their horses tied to posts near the Horse statue as the sunsets and Zelda points out Mount Lanayru where she will train at the Spring of Wisdom the next day on her seventeenth birthday. This is the final memory featuring Zelda's unnamed White Horse.

Side Quest

Toffa at the Outskirt Stable inherited the saddle from his grandfather along with the Royal Bridle. He gives them to Link as rewards for taming and registering the White Horse living on Safula Hill, as part of the side quest "The Royal White Stallion". Toffa believes the Horse is the descendant of Zelda's Horse which apparently fled to Safula Hill after escaping the Great Calamity and apparently breed in the wild leaving behind a descendant. The Royal Saddle is automatically equipped to the White Horse at the end of the quest, but Link can equip it to other horses as well save for Epona and the Giant Horse.

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