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Royal Hyrule Library
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The Royal Hyrule Library is a location in The Minish Cap.[1]

Features and Overview

Library (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
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The Royal Hyrule Library. Although
the library is well loved, many forget
to return their books, causing no end
of trouble for the librarians.

Situated in the northwestern corner of Hyrule Town, the Royal Hyrule Library remains closed until after Link receives the Ocarina of Wind from the Fortress of Winds and uses it to warp to the Wind Crest in Lake Hylia.[2] There, Link must talk to the Forest Picori, who tells him that to enter the Temple of Droplets, he must speak to Librari in the Library, as he is the only Minish who managed to make his way into the Temple. The Minish also tells Link that the Royal Hyrule Library should be opening shortly, indicating that he may enter it.[3][4]

When the Royal Hyrule Library reopens, Link is welcomed by Maggie, who recognizes him as Smith's grandson.[5] Maggie is in charge of Library Book returns, which has proved problematic for her.[6] Paige introduces herself as the person responsible for checking out books, declaring that the book returns are not her problem, though she still sympathizes with Maggie's predicament.[7] Klaus can be found inside the Library wondering what he should check out.[8]

On the second floor of the Royal Hyrule Library waits Sturgeon, who tells Link that the books have been moving seemingly of their own accord, unaware of the Minish influence.[9] Sturgeon is a potential target for Kinstone Fusion, and if Link successfully fuses Kinstone Pieces with him, the pond in the northwestern section of Hyrule Castle Garden will dry up, allowing Link to descend the newly-revealed stairway into the chamber to receive the Piece of Heart housed within.

If Link becomes Minish-sized and enters the bookcase that Sturgeon is standing by, he will discover a Minish settlement within the bookcase. A Town Minish will tell Link that because some humans have checked out books and failed to return them, Elder Librari is stranded on the upper levels of the bookshelf. She asks for Link to find out where they are from Maggie and retrieve them.[10] Link can also fuse Kinstone Pieces with this Town Minish, causing a Treasure Chest to appear in the playground garden of the Funday School. Another Town Minish will complain that the books are missing, but celebrates the fact that because of it, she does not have to listen to Librari's "boring old stories".[11]

When Link speaks to Maggie, she will direct him to Julietta, who is overdue on A Hyrulean Bestiary.[12] Once Link returns A Hyrulean Bestiary, Maggie will thank him and send him after Legend of the Picori,[13] which is in the possession of Dr. Left.[14]

The third book, A History of Masks, was checked out by Mayor Hagen.

Once Link retrieves the three books and returns them to Maggie, she will give them to Sturgeon, the person in charge of putting books back on the shelves.[15] With this done, Link can now climb the books as a Minish, speak to Librari, and obtain the Flippers after passing his trial.[16]

Inside the Library, Link can fuse Kinstone Pieces with Paige, as well as with Klaus, an elderly man found either inside or in front of the Royal Hyrule Library.

After Vaati takes over Hyrule Castle and turns it into Dark Hyrule Castle, a Vassal will block the entrance to the Library.


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