"This shield was forged using ancient Sheikah technology. It boasts extremely high stopping power, but its structural weakness made its low durability impractical for combat. "
— In-game description

The Royal Guard's Shield is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a shield with a defense rate of 70, but a low durability. Its lack of durability made it not suitable for combat like the Royal Guard's weapons created from the same Sheikah technology.

It was created using Sheikah technology for the Royal Family of Hyrule's guard detail which where intended to be used to combat Calamity Ganon. Its design is based on the Royal Shield, though with darker coloration and lacks the latter's durability.

Related Side Quest

During the Side Quest "The Royal Guard's Gear", Parcy asks Link to obtain her a piece of "Royal Guard" series equipment which can be found in Hyrule Castle. Link can bring her any "Royal Guard" series equipment including a Royal Guard's Shield which she will trade Link Gemstones for in exchange. After the quest is completed, Link can continue to trade her "Royal Guard" series equipment.

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