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The Royal Crest,(Series)[1] also known as the Wingcrest,(Series)[2] is a common depiction of the Triforce above a Loftwing. Succeeding a much older crest used in the same land during ancient times by the Goddess Hylia, it serves as the official crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule and can be found in many places throughout the kingdom of Hyrule. It appears in places such as the various incarnations of Hyrule Castle, the Temple of Time and the Arbiter's Grounds. It can also be found on walls, banners and Guard uniforms.

The Goddess Hylia's crest was in the shape of a bird and the people of Skyloft, descendants of the people who lived among Hylia and the ancestors of the Hylians, rode giant birds and used the same symbol. Because of this, both the Royal Crest and the Hylian Crest incorporate elements of the Goddess Crest.[3]


Ocarina of Time[]

The Royal Crest makes several appearances in Ocarina of Time. It can be found on the Guard uniforms, above the drawbridge leading to the Market, on the tombstone of the Royal Family's Tomb, and in the Castle Courtyard.

The Wind Waker[]

Royal Crest can be seen atop the gates of Hyrule Castle, below the statue of the Hero of Time, around the walls of Hyrule Castle, and used in Rauru's Stained Glass window. They also appear in certain rooms that contain a Triforce Chart, such as the one in the Islet of Steel. A giant Royal Crest is depicted in the boss room of the Wind Temple.

The Minish Cap[]

The Royal Crest appears above the bell in Hyrule Town and is shown several times throughout Hyrule Castle in The Minish Cap. It can also be seen in the Royal Crypt where members of the Royal Family of Hyrule are buried.

Twilight Princess[]

Golden Goddesses

The Royal Crest surrounded by the depiction of the Golden Goddesses from Twilight Princess

The Royal Crest makes many appears on banners, flags, doors, and other engravings in Hyrule Castle and on the uniforms of the Castle Guards in Twilight Princess. It is predominately displayed all over Hyrule Castle Town, appearing in the designs of various doors found throughout the town and near the town's entrance, as well being in the fountain of the central square. In the Gerudo Desert, a partially broken Royal Crest can be seen at the entrance of the Arbiter's Grounds and it appears within the complex itself. Atop the Grounds, in the Mirror Chamber, versions of the crest with the six Medallions replacing the Triforce appear.

Spirit Tracks[]

A new crest appears in Spirit Tracks, in the re-established kingdom of Hyrule that was founded by Tetra and her pirate crew one hundred years prior to the events of Spirit Tracks. This crest features a Force Gem instead of the Triforce in its design. It is visible on the front of the Spirit Train as well as on Anjean. It appears to be the national symbol of the new Hyrule to distinguish it from the ancient one destroyed during the Great Flood that took place between the Adult Timeline ending of Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker.

A Link Between Worlds[]

The Royal Crest appears throughout Hyrule in A Link Between Worlds. Also introduced in this game is Lorule's Royal Crest, which is similar but has an inverted Triforce, no talons, and three feathers instead of the four in Hyrule's version.

Breath of the Wild[]



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