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The Royal Bridle is an Item in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

The Royal Bridle is a Bridle that can be obtained from Toffa by completing the Side Quest "The Royal White Stallion". Prior to the second Great Calamity, Zelda equipped her White Horse with the custom-made Royal Bridle and its counterpart, the Royal Saddle, as part of an attempt to bond with her Horse.[2][3] Following the Great Calamity, Toffa's grandfather inherited the Royal Bridle and passed it down to Toffa.[4] By registering the White Horse at a Stable and showing it to Toffa, the elderly man will gift Link the Royal Bridle and equip it onto the Horse.[5]

The Bridle can be equipped to any other Horse, except for Epona and the Giant Horse, after Link maxes out the Bond with his Horse and speaking to Canni at the Outskirt Stable, Phanna at the Highland Stable, Breen at the Woodland Stable, and Tenne at the South Akkala Stable. It's well-known for its craftsmanship and how much the Royal Family of Hyrule favored it.[1] These Bridles, like others, can't be used by Epona or the Giant Horse.

The Royal Bridle can be seen equipped to Zelda's White Horse during the special cutscene that plays after Link completes the "Captured Memories" and "Destroy Ganon" Main Quests.


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