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Rotana is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Rotana is a Gerudo archaeologist who lives in Gerudo Town.[2] Link can begin the Shrine Quest, "The Seven Heroines", by speaking to her. If Link speaks to Rotana, he will catch her muttering something about a sandstorm to herself before she turns around and notices Link.[3] When Rotana notices Link, she asks what a "Hylian vai" is doing there.[4] If Link says he has to go, Rotana becomes upset that he is leaving already and thought he wanted to hear the legend of the Seven Heroines.[5][6] Rotana mutters that she hoped someone would listen to her because her sister, Pearle, will not.[7] If Link asks Rotana what she is doing, she introduces herself and says that she was just analyzing part of an ancient text that she discovered recently.[2][8] Rotana feels that she can get recognition for this discovery and that Link arriving must be fate.[9][10] Rotana offers to share her research with Link if he promises to keep it secret.[11] If Link says he has to go, Rotana becomes upset, demanding that he listens and tells him about her research anyway.[12] If Link instead promises to keep it a secret, she will simply tell him about her research. Rotana tells Link of a temple to the east near the entrance of Gerudo Desert.[13] She tells Link that the temple is dedicated to giant statues of the seven heroines who once protected the Gerudo people.[14] Rotana also tells Link of the ancient scripture that she discovered there, which serves as a clue for the Shine Quest.[15] Rotana explains that this was all she has been able to decipher so far.[16] She also explains that people once traveled in search of the heroines' blessing,[17] but no one has ever found it.[18] If Link asks about the blessing, Rotana says that she is not sure what it means yet.[19] Rotana then explains that the heroines are said to each hold a different power,[20] which include skill, spirit, endurance, knowledge, flight, motion and gentleness.[21] Rotana thinks they all look the same,[22] so she is unable to decipher which heroine holds which power without understanding the entire script.[23] Rotana is also concerned about the Divine Beast Vah Naboris wandering the Desert and hindering her research,[24] exclaiming that Naboris has "no respect for academia."[25] Rotana also says that she knows the place referenced in the ancient script, but she needs to finish deciphering it.[26] If Link asks where the place is, she reiterates that it is near the entrance to the Gerudo Desert, but adds that the nearby sandstorm is a problem.[27] She also mentions that approaching the temple will be difficult with the Divine Beast around.[28] When Link ends the conversation, Rotana wishes that her sister, Pearle, was more like Link and took interest in her research instead of obsessing over Lady Urbosa.[29][30]

If Link speaks to Rotana after completing the "The Seven Heroines", she is ecstatic that the Shrine that appeared at the temple must be a trial given to her by the Seven Heroines.[31] She believes that she will be the star of the archaeological society after she completes the trial.[32]


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United KingdomEnglishBRRotana
JapanJapaneseロテイン (Rotein)
Latin AmericaSpanishLALoteen
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