"Don't bother us!!!"
— The Rosa Sisters

The Rosa Sisters, Judo and Marilla, are characters from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are twin sisters who are part of the Gorman Troupe. They are two of the people (covered by one entry) featured in the Bombers' Notebook.

Although the Bombers' Notebook does not say their names, speaking to them during the day reveals that the sister in the blue dress is Marilla, while the sister in the red dress is Judo.


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The Rosa Sisters are twin dancers who, during the day, walk around the Stock Pot Inn thinking of a dance they can use for the Carnival of Time. During the night, they are found in West Clock Town practicing a dance. However, they have problems with their scheduled performance. Their dance is too basic and they have little time to rehearse, and they cannot decide on certain moves. They mention that they cannot change the song to which they dance because they do not wish to anger Guru-Guru, the troupe's musician, who they claim is "scary when he gets mad."

Wearing Kamaro's Mask, the mask filled with the spirit of a deceased dancer by the name of Kamaro, Link performs a special dance for the Rosa Sisters at night, when they are practicing in West Clock Town. They are impressed by the dance and quickly learn it. They recognize Link (while he is wearing Kamaro's Mask) as their "master" and reward him with a Piece of Heart. If Link completes this side quest, they are shown performing at the Milk Bar during the credits as Guru-Guru plays a tune.

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