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Roperi's Mother
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Roperi (daughter)[1]
Jacob (husband)

Roperi's Mother is a character in the Oracle of Ages manga by Akira Himekawa.


Roperi's Mother lived with her daughter Roperi and husband Jacob before the manga's events. When Queen Ambi commanded the black tower to be built, Jacob was taken as a slave to construct it.[2] Along with many other citizens of Labrynna, Roperi's Mother and her daughter were brought to the Hidden Village by Sir Raven for protection.[3]

Roperi's Mother makes her first appearance as Roperi is dancing around, because the seed Sir Raven had given her sprouted.[4] As the girl announces this, her mother tells her that is nice.[5] She isn't seen again until later on while Roperi is staring at the plant. Roperi's Mother asks if she is still staring at it and notices there is a bud.[6] Roperi voices hope that her father will come home in time to see it bloom.[7] Her Mother says Link and Raven are sure to help him and to believe in them and wait.[8]

Veran discovers that Sir Raven is actually allied against her puppet, Queen Ambi, so she sends the monster Ramrock to destroy the village.[9] Roperi's Mother screams her daughter's name as she runs onto the fields to keep Ramrock from crushing their crops.[10] Link successfully defeats the monster. Sir Raven stands in front of the villagers, Roperi and her Mother included, as Queen Ambi's forces lay siege to the hidden village. The army's commander accuses Raven of treason.[11] Roperi's Mother hugs Roperi close as Raven asks if following orders truly makes one a knight, even if the orders come from a tyrant torturing her people.[12] Sir Raven and the village's defenders fight back the army until archers surround them.[13] Roperi's Mother is shown with her arms protectively around her daughter as they are threatened to be turned into pincushions.[14] Sir Raven surrenders himself for the sake of the villagers, causing Roperi to sob in her Mother's arms. Roperi's Mother and the remaining villagers who weren't taken to the tower hide in a cave.[15] She shows happiness at seeing Link arrive with Sir Raven unharmed once he is rescued.

At the manga's end, Roperi's Mother is reunited with her husband, their daughter between them as they embrace. She is present when Nayru, Ralph, and Link return to present day Labrynna.


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