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Jacob (father)[2]
Roperi's Mother (mother)[3]

Roperi is a character in the Oracle of Ages manga by Akira Himekawa.


Roperi is first shown when Sir Raven escorts Link to a Hidden Village behind a graveyard. Roperi is very excited because the seed Raven gave her sprouted.[4] She goes to tell Raven this,[5] but is not able to because he needs to check the fields and asks her to watch Link.[6] Despite Link's efforts to befriend her, she is upset at the hero for ruining her chance to give Raven her big news.[7] It is when Link asks about Sir Raven that she reveals how much she admires the knight.[8] Roperi's information on Raven is what leads Link to realize that Sir Raven is his ancestor.[9] Later on, she is seen sitting alone on a stone stairway holding the sprout. Link greets her,[1] but Roperi is still annoyed that Link is with Raven.[10] Trying to avoid him, she trips and her seed pot spills. As she blames Link and cries,[11] Link quickly places the sprout back in the pot. Sir Raven then compliments her for taking care of the plant so well.[12] Roperi comes with Link and Raven to observe the Black Tower. As the two knights study the Tower, Roperi admires her sprout, claiming that it is taller than the Tower.[13] When Raven announces his plans to quell the fighting at the Tower, she pleads to go with him to make sure that her dad is well,[14] although Raven tells her to stay behind because her sprout will need to be replanted.[15]

While Sir Raven is at the Black Tower, Roperi stares at her plant.[16] She shows her mother the bud it sprouted[17][18] and wishes her father were there to see it bloom.[19] Roperi's Mother says Link and Raven will help him and to believe in them and wait.[20]

Sometime later, Raven, Link, and Ralph enter the Hidden Village. Ralph has been possessed by Veran. Roperi notices that something is wrong with him,[21] but Link brushes off her concern.[22] After Veran uses Ralph to burn Sir Raven's Mystery Seeds, her fatal weakness, she sends Ramrock to destroy the Village.[23] In an attempt to save the crops, Roperi runs in front of the monster, yelling at it to stop.[24] Before Roperi can be harmed, Link destroys the beast. Roperi hugs Link gratefully, calling him a tiny hero.[25] Even with the monster gone, Queen Ambi's soldiers attack the villagers. Though he is wounded, Sir Raven protects the villagers, until archers threaten to shoot them all,[26] including Roperi. Raven surrenders and is captured. Roperi bursts into tears, watching as Link, Ralph, and Puini rush to Raven's rescue.

When Raven has been rescued, he, Ralph, Link, and Nayru find Roperi hiding in a cave with the other villagers. She explains that the rest of the villagers were taken to the Tower.[27] Nayru reveals that Roperi's sprout is actually a young Mystery Tree,[28] their only hope to defeat Veran. Roperi stays by Nayru as she uses the Harp of Ages to speed the sprout's growth. Once it produces a Mystery Seed, Link and Raven use it against Veran. After the following battles, Roperi is seen finally reuniting with her father. As Link readies to return to modern day Labrynna, Roperi asks him to not leave.[29] Link explains that she does not need him anymore, because her family is reunited.[30] Again crying, Roperi thanks Link,[31] kissing him on the cheek.


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