The Room of Rites is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Inside the Room of Rites, three pedestals rest, each waiting for the Flames of Sorrow, Destruction, and Despair to be lit. Koume and Kotake planned to light all three flames in order to resurrect the deceased Ganon. After sending Veran to Labrynna and General Onox to Holodrum to light the Flames of Sorrow and Destruction, respectively, the final Flame of Despair was to be lit by capturing Princess Zelda.

After he defeated both Veran and Onox, Link will be transported to the Room of Rites by Din and Nayru, where he must travel through several repeating rooms by looking at the Eye of Deceit statues and go through the path that none of the eyes are looking before he reaches the sacrificial room. Koume and Kotake then drop Link into a bottom room that serves as the arena for their final battle.

After a failed battle with Link, Koume and Kotake are forced to sacrifice themselves, thus resurrecting their master. Consequently, Ganon is revived, albeit as a mindless killing machine. After Ganon is defeated by Link in battle, the chamber crumbles.

Prior to defeating Twinrova and Ganon, the chamber is linked via a portal placed near the Maku Tree of the respective region of the Linked Game. After defeating Ganon and the room's destruction, the portal disappears, thus preventing further access to the chamber. Due to the fact that the area is only ever entered via this portal, it is unknown which land the Room of Rites is actually located in.

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