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Romah is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Romah is a Gerudo who manages Hotel Oasis in Gerudo Town. If Link speaks to her, she tells him that he would love what they have to offer.[2] Aside from the usual 20 Rupee cost of a night at an Inn, Romah also offers an 80 Rupee spa plan.[3][4] She encourages Link to stay at the Inn and rest for a while.[5] Romah says that despite being very popular,[6] she will allow Link to cut to the front of the line for the spa treatment and then asks what she can do for him.[7][8] If Link asks about the spa plan, Romah is surprised that he has never heard of it and claims that it will fill Link with energy and a feeling of resilience to danger.[9][10] She also mentions that it will relax Link and leave his skin bright and smooth.[11] During the spa treatment, Romah may comment on how muscular Link is for a Hylian.[12]


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JapanJapaneseアローマ (Arōma)
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