"A Goron-style massage is done on top of a hard rock bed. Pressure is applied to your body to squeeeeze the tension out."

Rollin' Inn is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It can be found in Goron City. It is one of four special inns located throughout Hyrule. This inn offers a special Goron massage administered by Volcon which is done on top of a hard rock bed. Link can stay for a bed and massage for 80 Rupees, or alternatively take a normal bed for 20 Rupees. Sleeping in the bed with a Goron massage will fully restore and overfill Link's Heart Containers by 3, as well as overfilling his Stamina Wheel by a full circle.

The Gerudo Ramella often stays at the Inn and will tell Link about Fireproof Elixirs. If Link talks to her wearing his "Vai" disguise (Gerudo Veil, Gerudo Top, and Gerudo Sirwal) she will mistake him for a Hylian female like most of the Gerudo in Gerudo Town and will tell him that the jewels in Goron City are for the vai in Gerudo Town and that she does not intend to let a Hylian have them.


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