Rocktites are mini-bosses from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. They are cave dwellers that attack passing trains. There are three locations in which Rocktites are found: the tunnel that leads to the Snow Sanctuary, a tunnel in the Sand Realm leading to the Sand Temple, and a tunnel leading from the Fire Realm to the Sand Realm. However, the last Rocktite is not required to finish the game, though it is required to finish the Rabbit and Force Gem quests.

During the fight with the Rocktite in the Snow Sanctuary's tunnel, the goal is simply to hit its eye with the cannon. While chasing the Spirit Train, it will attempt to close in on the train to cause damage. Once it has been hit with the cannon several times, it will flee from view into the shadows of the cave, resurfacing to attack a short while later. Once it has sustained enough damage, it is defeated.

During the fight with the Rocktite in the Sand Realm, the Rocktite will sometimes close its eye and must be forced to open it by shooting explosive barrels strewn throughout the tunnel. The Rocktite in the Fire Realm is accompanied by Tektites.

Interestingly, Rocktites bear a striking resemblance to Beta Gohma.


Rocktite Snow Realm (Spirit Tracks)

Rocktite Snow Realm (Spirit Tracks)


The name "Rocktite" seems to be a portmanteau of rock and Tektite.

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