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Rock Spire Shop Ship
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The Rock Spire Shop Ship is a shop in The Wind Waker.[1]

Features and Overview

The Rock Spire Shop Ship is a special instance of Beedle's Shop Ship that appears only at Rock Spire Isle. It is operated by Beedle's Assistant, who is in fact just Beedle in a comically obvious disguise. The sides of the ship are draped in purple cloth that cover the paint of Beedle's likeness.

When Link enters the shop for the first time, Beedle's Assistant pretends not to know him from before. He claims to be holding a "clearance sale" on account of the shop's imminent closure in seven days.[2] This turns out to be a marketing ploy—the day after closing day, reopens the shop and holds a "Grand Reopening Sale" where the prices are no different from before.[3] He claims to have closed the shop for interior remodeling,[4] but in reality he merely changed the drapes to the ones seen in other Beedle Shop Ships.

The wares of the Rock Spire Shop Ship are mounted on Skulls. A hanging Lantern casts gloomy shadows from above. This, some clothes hanging on the back wall, and the drapes (before the remodeling) are the only visual differences from other Shop Ships. The ship itself moves more rapidly than the other Shop Ships.[clarification needed]

Wares and Pricing

Item Description Price
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This is my last one. TWW Green Rupee Model.png 500 Rupees
No Image Upload.png
Piece of Heart
This is my last one of these, too. TWW Green Rupee Model.png 950 Rupees
No Image Upload.png
Treasure Chart
The price may be high, but it'll pay off handsomely in the end! TWW Green Rupee Model.png 900 Rupees
No Image Upload.png
Arrows (30)
... TWW Green Rupee Model.png 60 Rupees
No Image Upload.png
Bombs (30)
... TWW Green Rupee Model.png 60 Rupees
No Image Upload.png
Red Potion
... TWW Green Rupee Model.png 30 Rupees

There are only three slots in the shop. When Link buys the Bottle, Piece of Heart and Treasure Chart, these are replaced by Arrows, Bombs, and Red Potion.[clarification needed]


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  1. " I'm sorry to disturb you with this
     unsolicited letter. If the following does
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     away without a second thought.
     Do you have need of an empty bottle,
     a Piece of Heart, or a Treasure Chart?
     We have them at special bargain prices.
     If you're interested, go to the Shop Ship
     near Rock Spire Island. First come,
     first serve! I can't wait to serve you!
     To those who took the time to read this
     letter...please accept my humble thanks.
        Asst. Manager, Rock Spire Shop Ship
    " — Letter (The Wind Waker HD)
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