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Roc Boots is Linkle's Level 2 weapon in her Boots moveset from Hyrule Warriors Legends. Their design is apparently based off the Iron Boots from Twilight Princess, with the addition of Roc's Feathers (based off their color and design from Four Swords Adventures).

However unlike the Iron Boots from Twilight Princess, they do not weigh Linkle down and function more like the Pegasus Boots.


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In addition to their design the Roc Boots' (along with the Boots moveset in general) Lightning Elemental Attribute may also be based on the Iron Boots' magnetic properties in Twilight Princess.

On possibly it that they are a pair of Iron Boots from the Era of Twilight that where modified with Roc Feathers that magically make the boots lighter and increase the wearers dash speed.

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