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Robbie is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[8][3]


Breath of the Wild[]

Robbie is a Sheikah who researched Guardians at the Royal Ancient Lab before the Great Calamity. According to Purah, he was her subordinate as a researcher, though Robbie does not hold a high opinion of Purah's abilities as a researcher.[4][9] Robbie and Purah worked together with Princess Zelda on her expeditions to excavate ancient Sheikah technology,[10] leading to the discovery of the Sheikah Slate.[11] Robbie was responsible for restoring mobility to the Guardians.[12] When Link was injured during the Great Calamity and subsequently saved by two Sheikah warriors, Robbie took Link to the Shrine of Resurrection along with Purah.[13]

Following the Great Calamity, Robbie fled to the northeastern reaches of Akkala, where he founded the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and continued his research. Robbie and Purah purposefully set up their labs in different places so that if one of them died the other would still be around to help Link when he awoke.[14] Robbie was easily able to destroy hostile Guardians near his lab because he had spent so much time researching them.[15] About 40 or 50 years after the Great Calamity, Robbie created the first Ancient Arrows.[16] When Robbie was 90, a woman named Jerrin traveled from Kakariko Village to assist him. They ended up getting married and had a son together, named Granté.[5]

In preparation of Link's fated standoff against Calamity Ganon, Robbie developed a machine that can generate Ancient Soldier Gear in exchange for Ancient Materials and Rupees. He dubbed the machine "Cherry", after his first love. Due to this, Jerrin becomes enraged whenever Robbie refers to the machine as Cherry and insists that he refers to her as the Ancient Oven instead.[17] Around the time that Link awoke from the Slumber of Restoration, the Ancient Furnace outside the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab lost its Blue Flame, rendering Cherry inoperable.

Link first encounters Robbie after the Hylian Champion is caught examining Cherry inside the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.[18] When spoken to, Robbie will ask Link if he is the same Link from 100 years prior. Regardless of whether Link affirms or denies this, Robbie will begrudge the fact that he can't confirm that Link has truly returned without observing the scars on his body first.[19] If Link speaks to Robbie while not wearing any Armor that covers his torso, Robbie will acknowledge him as the same Link that fought against the Great Calamity and reintroduce himself as the lead researcher presiding over the Ancient Tech Lab in Akkala.[1] Afterwards, Robbie will ask Link if he has met Purah along his journey,[20] to which Link can either inform Robbie that he met Purah after she technologically reverted herself to a child state or deny meeting her in the first place.[9][21]

Robbie will then ask Link if he was aware that Calamity Ganon was regaining his power.[22] After hearing either answer, Robbie offers to tell Link his story,[23][24] which is of how the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab was constructed under the sole purpose of destroying Calamity Ganon and rescuing Princess Zelda.[25] To this end, Robbie prompts Link to join with him in exchange for Ancient Soldier Gear made for fighting against Ganon.[26] If Link has not restored the Blue Flame to the Ancient Furnace, Robbie will begrudge the fact that he cannot make any Ancient Soldier Gear for him and asks him to travel to the Ancient Furnace atop Tumlea Heights to retrieve more Blue Flame from its source.[27][28][29] Robbie also explains that his wife, Jerrin, refuses to retrieve the Blue Flame herself as she is jealous of the affection Robbie gives to Cherry.[30]

Once Link has restored the Blue Flame, Robbie will excitedly inform Link that Cherry has once again become operational and attributes this to the sheer force of love that he has for Cherry,[31] only to realize that it was really due to Link's actions.[32] As thanks for returning the Blue Flame to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Robbie will give Link three Ancient Arrows, explaining that they are designed to be "anti-Calamity weapons."[33] Robbie continues, informing Link that Cherry is capable of producing other Weapons and Armor suited for this purpose as well, provided that Link pays the necessary amount of Materials and Rupees.[34] When asked about the need for Rupees, Robbie explains that the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab has severely lacked funding since the fall of the Hyrulean government,[35] Robbie's previous benefactors.

If Link activates the Ancient Furnace before being asked to confirm his identity to Robbie, Robbie will immediately accept that he is the Hylian Champion .[36] He then introduces himself before gifting Link the three Ancient Arrows.[37][38]

After restoring Cherry to her operational state, Robbie will tell Link that the next priority is to destroy Calamity Ganon.[39] As he deems regaining control of the Guardians to be too difficult, he instead offers to equip Link with an arsenal to combat Ganon.[40] Link can ask Robbie what Guardians are at this point, which Robbie answers, detailing Guardians as automated weapons constructed by ancient Sheikah researchers.[41] Ever since the Great Calamity, Robbie has vowed to find a way to wrest control of them away from Ganon.[42]

Tears of the Kingdom[]

Other Appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[]


  • According to Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion, Robbie is around 120 years old, which would make his wife 70.[43]
  • Robbie's goggles are based on the eyes of chameleons, which are also capable of moving independently from each other.
  • Rough designs of Robbie show him with blue eyes, which is the same color as his wife and son.[44] His eyes are never seen in-game.


Robbie's name is derived from a corruption of Strawberry, fitting with the theme of Sheikah members being named after fruits.

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