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Road to the Ancient Lab
HWAoC Road to the Ancient Lab.png
Game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Stage Breach of Demise
Playable Character(s) Link
Mini-boss(es) Moblin
Boss Guardian Stalker
Completion Reward(s) Zelda
Victory Conditions
Head toward the Royal Ancient Lab
Flee from the Guardian
Defeat the Guardian
Defeat Conditions
Link, Impa, or Zelda flees
Main Theme Music "Hold the Line"
"Guardian Menace"
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
"The Battle of Hyrule Field""Mipha, the Zora Princess
Daruk, the Goron Hero
Revali, the Rito Warrior
Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief
ZU-logo.png ZeldaUniverse

Road to the Ancient Lab is a Scenario in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


The Road to the Ancient Lab is the second Scenario in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. After fighting off the Enemies in The Battle of Hyrule Field, Link, Zelda, and Impa head to the Ancient Tech Lab to investigate the strange Guardian. However, a Guardian Stalker becomes possessed by Malice and attacks the group in the Breach of Demise.

The diminutive Guardian activates a Decayed Guardian in order to attack the possessed Guardian, which damages the Guardian Stalker, though does not destroy it. Then the objective appears that says to activate another two Guardians.

Once the two Guardians are activated, each of them will shoot a laser to the Guardian Stalker, which will make it possible for Link and his friends to attack the Guardian Stalker.

Note that if the Guardian Stalker is defeated without activating the Decayed Guardians, the scenario will end.


Support Zelda's escape to the Targeted Position

Here, the Order button (press + to open the map, than press A to guide a character to go to a specific location or to follow a character or enemy) will be really helpful. Make one character, the best one Impa, to be with Zelda, while making Link distract the Guardian. Link should use his shield in order to defend himself from the Guardian lasers. If Link can deflect, deflect the lasers to the Guardian Stalker.

Guide the Guardian

This will be hard, as if you go too close to the Guardian Stalker, you will get smashed, while being too far away will not be enough. Go near the Guardian slowly, and keep doing it until the Guardian moves toward the character, or the Guardian gets ready to shoot a laser. Once the Guardian starts moving toward you, the character should move back just like the Guardian. Try to ignore all of the monsters, like the Bokoblins, as the Guardian will try to shoot you.

Defeat the Guardian

This will be the hardest objective to complete. If you have played Breath of the Wild and know Link will be able to deflect the Guardian lasers, stay a fair distance away from the Guardian. However, if you are new to Zelda games, than go near the Guardian. The Guardian should make its legs/arms closer to itself once the character goes near. As soon as it does that, the character should go a little distance away from the Guardian, as the Guardian Stalker is preparing to jump into the air and smash into the ground. Once it does that, however, its Weak Point Gauge should appear, and that is the most appropriate time to attack.


There are 6 Korok Seeds to be found throughout "Road to the Ancient Lab".

There are 6 Treasure Chests to be found throughout "Road to the Ancient Lab".

Battlefield-Specific Materials

The Materials that may appear throughout "Road to the Ancient Lab" are Sneaky River Snail, Armored Porgy, Razorshroom, Rushroom, and Mighty Porgy.


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