The Road to Ikana is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. As its name implies, the Road to Ikana is a mountain pass that separates Ikana Canyon from Termina Field. Link must retrieve Epona from Romani Ranch in order to successfully traverse the area, as some fences require a horse's jump to pass. Real Bombchu and Nejirons infest the area by day, and boulders will fall from the ledges above. At night, the area is covered with Blue Bubbles. The Stylin' Scarecrow can be summoned atop a pillar of rock using the Scarecrow's Song, allowing Link to reach a pot containing a Fairy.

The Road to Ikana can be accessed via Termina Field and from here, splits into two directions; one path leads to Ikana Graveyard while the main path leads to Ikana Canyon. Near the start of the trail is a circular rock pattern off to the side. If he utilizes the Lens of Truth here, he will catch a glimpse of Shiro, the forgotten Clock Town Soldier. Shiro asks Link for a "medicine that would make even an unnoticeable stone like [him] feel better," and by offering him a Blue or Red Potion, he is able to stand up and be seen by other people. As a reward for helping him, Shiro gives Link the Stone Mask.

From here, Link can attempt to reach the upper portion of the mountain pass, but he can only progress with the help of the Ghost Hunter. When Link dons the Garo's Mask and speaks to the Ghost Hunter, he will provide Link with a target for his Hookshot, allowing him to reach the upper portion of the trail leading to Ikana Canyon. Interestingly, the Ghost Hunter will also allow Link to proceed should he show him the Gibdo Mask, though because this mask is found within the area Link is trying to access, he can not acquire it unless he has shown the Garo's Mask to the Ghost Hunter on a prior visit.

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