The River Man is a character from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. He resides in the Water Town of Saria and guards the bridge leading to Death Mountain. Because the River Man only allows residents of the town to cross the bridge, Link must get a note from Bagu that grants him permission to cross.

Interestingly, the Knight in the Harbor Town of Mido who teaches Link the Downthrust shares a sprite with the River Man, possibly implying the River Man is a Knight of Hyrule. A second River Man can also be found on the opposite side of the bridge further supporting the idea that the Knights of Hyrule are guarding the river.

Non-canonical appearances

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Valiant Comics

"Hail and well met -- River Man. I am Princess Zelda. How fairs your village this day?"
Princess Zelda

A resident of the Water Town of Saria, the River Man is the husband of Cassiopia and the father of Rus. When Ganon comes to the Water Town of Saria to try to gain the trust of the locals, the River Man believes his words. When Link and Princess Zelda visit the town later, he does not trust them due to his new found loyalty for Ganon. Once Ganon tries to attack Rus, however, the River Man realizes his mistake.

In a later edition, River Man reveals to Cassiopia that Rus has been gravely wounded. Because of this, Princess Zelda brings Miff the fairy to the Water Town of Saria to save him.

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