"What say you? Will you share some of your courage with my son?"
— Rito Chieftan

The Rito Chieftain is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is the leader of the Rito tribe, which lives on Dragon Roost Island. He is the father of Prince Komali. The Chieftain is a very gifted leader who is adored by his people. Due to his position, he must be strict with his relations; but as any father, he worries about his son. The Rito Chieftain is often accompanied by his two bodyguards, Skett and Akoot. Interestingly, the color of the Chieftain's irises are yellow; all other Rito have red irises.


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The Rito Cheiftain wants to help Link when Link first arrives on Dragon Roost Island, but he cannot due to a crisis with the Rito; because Valoo is acting strangely, no young Rito can acquire the scale needed to grow his or her wings. Therefore, the Rito Chieftain says he needs to attend to the issue before he can help Link. He does, however, ask Link to help his seemingly depressed son get through the crisis by providing him with a letter to deliver. The letter fails to meet its purpose, however, and Prince Komali remains in his state of depression.

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