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Nellie (Grandmother)[1]

Risa is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Risa is a Gerudo who attends Ashai's relationship class. If Link speaks to Risa during the class, she explains that she is only taking the class to refresh her knowledge.[3] During Ashai's relationship class, Ashai asks the class what to do in multiple different situations. Risa is always the third to stand up and answer, after Pasha and Dina; the former two provide practical answers, in contrast to Risa, who comes up with rather radical solutions. One example is what they'd do when a "handsome voe" approaches them on the street.[4] Risa is the last to stand up and share her solution, saying that she would attack the man when he least suspects it.[5] Ashai dismisses Risa's solution and tells her that would be illegal.[6] Another is if they were to find an wounded voe when out and about.[7] Risa determines that she'd take him back to her in a covert manor, and assist him in rejuvenation, seemingly forgetting that his entry into her house is forbidden under Gerudo law.[8] Ms. Ashai considers it touching, but laments that is can be considered kidnapping.[9] The final event posed on the class is being erratically engaged in conversation with a voe whom they had been attempting to have notice them.[10] Risa deduces that she'd have use sheer physical force to have said voe agree to espousal.[11] Their teacher is naturally taken aback and suggests that they discuss this answer later.[12]


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