Rinu Honika Shrine is a Shrine from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Death Mountain. The Sheikah Monk Rinu Honika offers the "Block the Blaze" trial.

Block the Blaze Trial

As the name of Rinu Honika's trial implies, all Link has to do is avoid being burnt by the fires that rage within the Shrine, which is done by either be ducking under and walking over the fire or blocking it out with steel blocks. Should Link be hit by the raging inferno, he will likely be knocked into the lava for more damage.

While Link can do this trial the way that it was intended, Link can simply breeze through the Shrine if he has the Flamebreaker armor at a two-star rank or higher (which is done by way of a Great Fairy) as the armor will completely negate the blaze as well as the knockback it produces. Either way Link does the trial, he will meet Rinu Honika at the end, who will give him a Rudania's Emblem for his completion.

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