Rinu Honika Shrine

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Rinu Honika Shrine
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The interior of the Rinu Honika Shrine
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The Rinu Honika Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Block the Blaze,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild. It is exclusive to The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack.

Entrance to the Shrine

The Rinu Honika Shrine is found in the Eldin Canyon to the south of Darb Pond as part of the Main Quest, "EX Champion Daruk's Song". To access the Shrine, Link must safely fall through the ring of light that has formed directly above the Pond's lava. This can be accomplished by using Magnesis to lift a nearby steel crate on the shore and drop it in the center of the ring, allowing Link to glide into the ring without falling into the lava. After doing so, the Rinu Honika Shrine will rise from beneath the ground nearby. Upon entering the Shrine, Link is offered the trial by the Monk, Rinu Honika.[2]

Themes and Navigation

The Shrine features a winding walkway over lava that leds to the Monk, Rinu Honika, at the very end. Along the walkway are columns that continuously release streams of fire, requiring Link to maneuver around them or to otherwise partly eliminate the columns that the streams are mounted on. One column can be broken down by bombing the cracked block beneath its base, and another column by removing its steel block support by using Magnesis. This steel block can then be used to block the streams of fire ahead. Link can also use the steel blocks to then cross a pool of lava and reach a Treasure Chest containing a Stone Smasher. Following the columns is a gateway barricaded by more fire streams. A second steel block that lies in the lava nearby can be used to stack with the first steel block, thereby creating a safe passage for Link to slip by unharmed.

At the final stretch of the walkway is a platform obstructed by multiple fire streams, serving as the final obstacle before the Monk. The platform can be manipulated using the nearby gyroscopic device. By tilting the platform's side upward, it is possible to glide over to the Monk.

It is possible to bypass all of the Shrine's fire obstacles by wearing the complete Flamebreaker Set, provided that its pieces have all been upgraded twice.

At the end of the Shrine, Link meets the Monk Rinu Honika, who commends his resourcefulness and rewards him with a Rudania's Emblem.[3][4] The Monk then tells Link to collect all three of Rudania's Emblems to reveal a new challenge.[5] If this is the first Shrine Link visits of the three in the "EX Champion Daruk's Song" Quest, the Monk tells Link that two Shrines remain.[6] If it is the second Shrine he visits, the Monk will tell him that one remains.[7] If it is the third and final Shrine he visits, the Monk will tell him to go to Divine Beast Vah Rudania.[8]



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