"What were the guards doing while thieves were sneaking into town and making off with the chief's heirloom? When I was captain of the guard, such a failure would have been absolutely unthinkable. It's just pathetic. If Buliara was out on the front lines, this would never have happened. A little while ago... The sand seal that the chief was with got spooked by monsters and ran off... She quickly realized that it had pulled her very close to Naboris... Anyone that approaches Naboris risks being struck by lightning from that Divine Beast. The chief was lucky to get away... And ever since then, Buliara has refused to leave her side."
— Rima

Rima is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Rima can be found at the Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert region in the Gerudo province of Hyrule. She is an elderly Gerudo who can be found under a tent near The Noble Canteen.

It is revealed in conversation with her that in her youth she was the Captain of the Gerudo Town Guard though has since retired and is angered that the town guard was unable to prevent the theft of the Thunder Helm by the Yiga Clan though is apparently unaware the Yiga had been planning the theft for over a century since before the Great Calamity when Champion Urbosa was still chieftain as Urbosa notes the Yiga Clan were plotting to steal it in her diary. Rima respectfully refers to Riju as chief, despite her young age and inexperience due to having acquired the position due to the death of her mother the previous chieftain. She has a lot of faith in Buliara and believes if she had been on the front lines when the theft occurred the Yiga Clan would have not been successful though unfortunately Builara refused to leave Riju's side since the chief had come dangerously close to Vah Naboris though Rima is unaware was Riju bravely trying to inspect Vah Naboris when her Sand Seal Patricia was startled by a monster, assuming it was simply an accident that occurred while Riju was out riding Patricia.

She notes that if she were still on active duty she'd whip all the guards back back shape after such a failure which she also claims would have been impossible and unthinkable in her time Captain of the Guard. However her age has apparently robbed her of any skill or strength she possessed in her youth to the point she reacts fearful should Link attack her or pull out a Remote Bomb. However she could be exaggerating her abilities as Captain of the Guard, though this is unlikely given the Guard's training and ability to spot any undisguised male that enters Gerudo Town.

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