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Riju of Gerudo Town
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Quest Giver Riju
Location Gerudo Town
Previous QuestNext Quest
"Regional Phenomena""Unknown"

"Riju of Gerudo Town" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Navigating the Gerudo Desert's vision-obscuring sand shroud, Link wandered into the North Gerudo Ruins and encountered Riju, Chief of the Gerudo. Link stated he was investigating disturbances in the Gerudo Desert to find clues of Princess Zelda's whereabouts. Riju was at the ruins practicing a lightning strike attack, an ability that she recently learned. With Link's assistance, she managed to master her lightning attack by using Link's arrows as a guide.

A Gerudo soldier came in, reported that Gibdos are attacking Kara Kara Bazaar. So Link and Riju hurried over and helped the defending soldiers, led by Buliara. After the Gibdos have been repelled, Link and Zelda saw what appeared to be Zelda in the distance, but then a series of sand tornadoes sprouted around Gerudo Town. Zelda walked toward the tornadoes and disappeared.

Link and Riju headed back to Gerudo Town and discovered Gibdo hives outside of town. While they assessed the situation, both hear a voice, calling out to them, but dismissed it for the time being. In the meantime, Riju put Link in charge of organizing the defenses and soldiers to defend the town. After preparations are complete, Link, Riju, and the soldiers work together to stop the Gibdo invasion.

Recuperating, Riju noted that the Gibdo will keep coming unless they're stopped. Noted that the sand shroud, Gibdo, and the voice the two heard are connected somehow, She asked Link to follow her to a mural down in the Gerudo Shelter. At the mural, it described a riddle to the listeners of the voice, to seek the pillars of light.

Transcribed the riddle, Link saw a tall ruin in the distance and headed toward it through the sand shrouds once more. Upon activation, it projected a bright beam of light. Link followed the beam, then found and activated more ruined towers and eventually, closed the beams in a triangle loop. The light beams then made a tablet appear in the center.

Riju followed to the center to regroup with Link. Saw that resembles a lightning,, Riju uses her lightning strike on it, which caused a sand temple to appear out of the sands in the distance. As the two took a closer look, they saw the same Gibdo hives attached to the temple. Then, a large moth-like monster emerged out of one of the hives. Link and Riju fought it, but it retreated into the sand temple.

Link and Riju gave chase to the flying moth monster, navigated through a vast of halls filled with traps and monsters protecting the temple. They reached an elevator contraption, but it is powered down. They get tipped off by the same voice, who directed them to find four batteries to power up the elevator contraption. Using Riju's lightning, the duo powered up the batteries and got the elevator operational.

Once they rode the elevator up, Link and Riju reach the top and see a bright stone in the distance. As they moved closer, the same giant moth monster, who was regenerating, emerged again from its hive. Once more, Link and Riju fought the moth monster and defeated it, opening the path for the stone.

As Riju touch the stone, she and Link are projected into an apparitional realm, who meet the origin of the voice, the Sage of Lightning, and Riju's distant ancestor. She appeared before her, who relayed a message that she desire to pass on the Secret Stone to Riju to become the next Sage of Lightning. To elaborate this, the Sage explained a brief history of Hyrule. In short: She, along with King Rauru and the other five sages, fought against former chief of the Gerudo, the Demon King, in what was known as the Imprisoning War. The Sage of Lightning and the others were unable to defeat the Demon King, so Rauru sacrficed himself to seal the Demon King away.

By then, the Sage of Lightning received a message from Zelda: The seal on the Demon King will be broken and she requested that she and the Gerudo help Link in the distant future by granting him the blessing of Sage of Lightning. With all the events documented, the Sage of Lightning professed to Riju that she must become the Sage of Lightning and fight alongside Link, before disappearing. With the stone still standing, Riju whole heartedly accepted to become the Sage of Lightning, and took the secret stone. With her new power, she granted Link the blessing of Lightning.[1]

The defeat of the moth monster caused the sand shroud—that enveloped Gerudo Desert—to disappear. The denizens of Gerudo Town emerge out of the shelter and back to the surface once more. Riju, back at the throne room, expressed her gratitude to Link for saving Gerudo Town. While things settle down, she and her soldiers promised to look up more about Zelda and her motives due to her strange appearances. Riju must remain in Gerudo Town, but she assures Link that he can call upon her anytime using her blessing.


Stage Description
1 Upon visiting the North Gerudo Ruins, you found Riju focused on her training.

You should help her practice her lightning strike.
2 Riju was able to strike the targets with her lightning when you used your arrows to guide her. Shortly after, a strange sound was heard, and then a messenger arrived with news of an attack on Kara Kara Bazaar.

Follow Riju to Kara Kara Bazaar, northeast of Gerudo Town.
4 Moments after you defeated the monsters attacking Kara Kara Bazaar, Zelda suddenly appeared in the distance, along with strange tornadoes surrounding Gerudo Town. Zelda set out in the direction of the town but quickly vanished from sight.

Join Riju and the others back at Gerudo Town.
5 Gibdo hives appeared from within the sand shroud. While the hives and the tornadoes loomed ominously over Gerudo Town, a mysterious voice reached out to you once more, beckoning you.

Though this is important, you should continue to work with Riju and the others.
6 A swarm of Gibdos have appeared from within the hives that surround Gerudo Town.

Protect Riju and save Gerudo Town!
7 Fighting alongside the Gerudo soldiers, you defeated the swarm of Gibdos pouring from the hives that threatened Gerudo Town.

Seek out Riju, who asked you to meet her at a mural in the underground shelter beneath the town.
8 The mural you saw in the Gerudo shelter said: "Standing back-to-back with the throne, witness red pillars across a vast sea. Unite the pillars in light to reveal the lightning stone and open the way. You who can hear my voice, come to me. I await you."

Riju thinks the voice and the mural are connected.
9 When you shined a light on each of the ancient pillars, the bright beams formed a huge triangle.

Based on the mural you saw in the shelter beneath Gerudo Town, something should have been revealed, perhaps at the center...
10 When Riju struck the mechanism with one of her lightning strikes, a temple appeared. Maybe the owner of the mysterious voice is inside?

You should investigate the interior.
11 <EMPTY>
12 A stone emitting some sort of strange light appeared when the massive monster—the source of the sand shroud—was defeated.

Riju is staring at the stone, but what could be going through her mind?
Complete Riju touched the secret stone and listened to her ancient ancestor. A new power awakened in her, and she became the Sage of Lightning. With the monster defeated, the sand shroud in the Gerudo region vanished.

Questions surround Princess Zelda in both past and present, but Riju promised to investigate.


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  1. "I, Riju, the Sage of Lighting, swear that I will stand with you!" — Riju (Tears of the Kingdom)