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Makeela Riju is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[8][9][name reference needed]


Breath of the Wild

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Lady Riju is the Chief of the Gerudo.[2] She is a young Gerudo child who inherited the throne after her mother passed away.[6] Riju was her mother's only child, causing the duties of leading the Gerudo to fall to her.[10] The people of Gerudo Town are worried about being ruled by a child,[11] making Riju question if she will ever be as great as her mother was.[12] Riju also feels that the Thunder Helm was stolen because she is not ready to be Chief.[13] After Link calms the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Riju feels that the Hero helped her overcome her doubts about being able to lead.[14][15] Riju hopes to one day compete with Link in a Sand Seal race.[16] Riju can be found in the palace in Gerudo Town, sitting upon the Throne beside the captain of the guard, Buliara.

Link meets Riju at the start of the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest when he first enters the Gerudo Town palace, disguised as a woman. When Link approaches Riju, she comments that he is yet another traveler and asks how he got in the palace.[17] Riju also mentions that Link is carrying something interesting, referring to his Sheikah Slate.[18] Buliara will then stop Link and demand him to explain his business there.[2] Riju will quickly tell Buliara to hold on, noticing that Link is more than a common traveler and asks for his name.[19] Link tells Riju his name and that he can calm the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, which has been recently threatening the people in Gerudo with its lightning.[20] Riju questions if Link is powerful enough to subdue a Divine Beast.[21] She soon notices the Sheikah Slate on Link's hip,[22] pointing out that the Sheikah would not give something so valuable to just anybody.[23] Buliara mentions that she does not recall hearing of a Hylian woman among the Champions before quickly realizing that Link is actually a man.[24] Riju states that it is a great crime for a man to enter Gerudo Town, but Riju dismisses this with the Sheikah Slate being enough proof for her that Link is a Champion.[25] She tells Link that they would never mistreat a friend of Lady Urbosa and that they are allies if he is here to help subdue Naboris.[26]

Riju informs Link that they have yet to find a way to appease Naboris.[27] She reasons that if Link truly is a Champion, then he may be able to enter Naboris and calm its anger.[28] Buliara urges Riju not to trust a stranger with such an important task,[29] suggesting that he prove himself worthy by recovering the stolen Thunder Helm.[30] Riju agrees with this suggestion and proceeds to explain that the Thunder Helm is the only thing in Hyrule that can withstand the lightning from Naboris.[31] Buliara tells Link that Captain Teake in the barracks nearby can tell him about the thieves who stole the Thunder Helm.[32] Before he leaves for the barracks, Riju says that Link's arrival must be a sign that Lady Urbosa is looking out for them.[33] If Link speaks to Riju again, she says that she cannot believe the Thunder Helm was stolen and that it is likely the most discouraging event in Gerudo Town's history.[34] Riju believes that Urbosa and other ancestors are looking down on them with shame and wonders if her people can tell how powerless she is.[35][36] Buliara intervenes, telling Riju not to take it personally and that the soldiers and herself are to blame,[37] commenting that she should have been more vigilant.[38] Riju then tells Buliara that she does not need to beat herself up about it.[39]

Once Link returns to Riju from the Yiga Clan Hideout with the Thunder Helm, she will tell him to meet her at the Lookout Post south of town to prepare for the attack on Naboris.[40] Before leaving, she mentions that the only way to get close to Naboris is by riding a Sand Seal.[41] When Link arrives to the outpost, Riju will be there waiting for him, equipped with the Thunder Helm, and begins telling Link the plan to take down Naboris. She tells Link that Naboris draws energy from the ground, so they must damage its feet.[42] She also instructs Link to stay close to her to avoid getting shocked by Naboris and gives him some Bomb Arrows.[43][44] Before they begin, Riju holds her arms skyward and declares that she will calm Naboris.[45] She then gathers power by asking her ancestors to aid her and specifically asks Lady Urbosa for her protection.[46] Link and Riju then ride Sand Seals into the sandstorm toward Naboris. Link must ride his Sand Seal close to Riju so that Riju's Thunder Helm absorbs the lightning and leaves Link unharmed. With the help of Riju, Link manages to enter the Divine Beast. Later on, Riju tells Link that she heard Urbosa call her name while taking down the Divine Beast.[47]

After completing the Divine Beast, Link visits Riju again in the palace. As thanks for Link's help, Riju offers Link priceless pieces of equipment that were once worn by Urbosa.[48] Before Riju is done speaking, she mentions that it is right for Link to have them because he and Urbosa were once friends.[49] The Thunder Helm also now rests on a small pedestal beside Riju. When Link interacts with the Thunder Helm, Riju will offer to lend it to Link.[50] However, she then says that Link must earn it by gaining the trust of her people.[51] Riju agrees to lend Link the Thunder Helm in exchange for resolving the Gerudo Town people's problems.[52] This begins the Side Quest, "The Thunder Helm". Once Link finishes the Side Quest and returns to Riju, she tells Link that she has heard of his actions in delivering happiness to her people.[53] Riju thanks Link, stating that he will always be a true friend of the Gerudo.[54] As a reward, Riju keeps her promise and lends Link the Thunder Helm.[55] Riju assures Link that he will be able to use the Thunder Helm to its fullest potential and unlock the power of Urbosa that lies within.[56]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


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  • At 12 years old,[57] Riju is still very young, despite the heavy responsibility of being chief foisted upon her shoulders. This is indicated by the stuffed animals in Riju's Bedroom and the seal designs on her bed. Her young stature is also made indicated by the booster cushions on her throne, and when she wears the Thunder Helm it does not fit properly on her head often sliding forward.
  • Riju can be seen doing a hop of excitement and asking her stuffed animals what they should play in her Bedroom. When spoken to afterwards, she will try to take attention away from the stuffed animals and state they should be ignored. She will then state it's rude to wander into someone's Bedroom at such a late hour of the night.[58]
  • Riju greatly values Patricia, her Sand Seal, as the only gift from her late mother.[59]


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United KingdomEnglishBRRiju 
JapanJapaneseルージュ (Rūju)Rouge
Latin AmericaSpanishLARiju 
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