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Rhondson is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Rhondson is a Gerudo from Gerudo Town who is first found in Kara Kara Bazaar in the Gerudo Desert.[1] She is searching for the love of her life.[2] When Link first speaks to her, Rhondson asks who he is and she is suddenly interested in Link when she notices that he is a man.[3][4] She quickly loses interest in Link, stating that her mother would not approve of a delicate man like Link.[5] Rhondson then introduces herself and explains that she is exhausted from searching for love.[1][2] She expresses to Link that her mother constantly bothers her over not having found love.[6][7] When Link points out that no male Gerudo exist, Rhondson explains that Gerudo women travel away from Gerudo Town to find their husbands.[8][9] She goes on to say that she is a gifted tailor, but men do not appreciate her skills.[10] Rhondson is also disappointed that there is no work for a tailor in the Gerudo Desert.[11] Rhondson is stuck in her search for love and despite having dozens of skills,[12] does not understand what men are looking for.[13] She questions if there is anyone out there for her.[14] If Link speaks to Rhondson while wearing the Gerudo Set, she compliments what a "cute vai" Link is and asks if he is seeking the love of his life as well.[15] If Link says yes, she mutters that it is not the answer she expected and quickly wishes good luck to the both of them.[16][17]

In the Tarrey Town Side Quest, "From the Ground Up", Hudson has Link search for a Gerudo tailor with "son" in their name. Link then speaks to Rhondson, who meets these requirements. Rhondson comments that Akkala is far away, but admits that she needs to get away from a village full of other women.[18] Rhondson thanks Link for the information and sets off for Tarrey Town.[19] At the Town, she manages the Rhondson Armor Boutique and is soon engaged to Hudson.[20] As Rhondson and Hudson take their vows during their marriage ceremony, Rhondson learns that they must vow to give their children names with "son" at the end in accordance with the Bolson Construction naming guidelines.[21] Rhondson states that such a vow is not part of traditional marriage standards.[22] Hudson questions her and the wedding guests express their agreement with the vow.[23][24][25][26][27] Still uncertain, Rhondson accepts the vow.[28] Rhondson and Hudson are then married.[29]


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United KingdomEnglishBRRhondson
Latin AmericaSpanishLAKaenne
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