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"I was King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule. I was... the last leader of Hyrule. A kingdom which no longer exists."
— King Rhoam

King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule (ローム・ボスフォレームス・ハイラル?), or King Rhoam for short, is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is the "The Last King of Hyrule", the husband of the Queen of Hyrule, and the father of Princess Zelda.

He is voiced by Bill Rogers in the English version of the game. [1]


Rhoam has a similar personality as the other kings of the Royal Family of Hyrule. Being the ruler of Hyrule, Rhoam considers what is best for his land. He is also shown to be very patient, waiting 100 years for Link to awaken from the Shrine of Resurrection.

Though shown to be a patient figure, Rhoam`s wisdom is somewhat questionable, at least when compared to his daughter. Although he meant well, Rhoam`s attempts to help Zelda awaken her powers only served to cause her further grief, straining their relationship. Aside from constantly ordering Zelda to train, he would scold her whenever she studied ancient technology, even outright telling her to not do so. This is however, largely due to a sense of urgency (brought on by the knowledge of Ganon's return), rather than a form of unfairness. In truth, Rhoam did feel a sense of regret for treating his daughter in such a manner, as well as understanding her pain from losing her mother.

Nevertheless, Rhoam did nothing to help ease Zelda`s emotional pain, with it being revealed in Rhoam`s diary that he considered his duties as a king more important than his responsibilities as a father towards Zelda. This is to the point of unwittingly making her shoulder a heavy burden on her own, despite her young age.

When it seemed as though Zelda`s powers will never awaken, Rhoam began to contemplate on whether he should allow Zelda to carry on with her studies of ancient technology. This was in hopes that she would find a different method to awaken her powers, as well as possibly from feeling guilt for his previous actions. Unfortunately, Rhoam would never be able to carry this out, due to Calamity Ganon`s attack.

It is possible that he felt immense regret in death, which would explain why he became a ghost.



Seventeen years prior to the Great Calamity, King Rhoam and the Queen of Hyrule had a child, a daughter, who in the traditions of the Royal Family was named Zelda.

Ancient artifacts discovery

A century ago, the people of Hyrule discovered various ancient artifacts. Some of the excavated artifacts confirmed Calamity Ganon's existence, and this lead King Rhoam to insist that the relics be investigated as thoroughly as possible in order to prepare for his return. He acknowledged that the Guardians and the Divine Beasts would take longer to understand. King Rhoam later told his daughter about the relics, which she showed great interest in researching further.

The queen`s death

When Princess Zelda was only six years old, the Queen of Hyrule died unexpectedly, putting the King and Zelda in great shock. A royal funeral was held, where King Rhoam noticed that his daughter never cried or faltered. Rhoam initially assumed that this was the result of him and his wife repeatedly informing her of her duty to be a valiant and steady princess.

In truth, Zelda was very devastated from losing her mother and struggled to appear emotionally firm. This is hinted to have been one of the main reasons why Zelda was struggled to awaken her inner power. The Queen of Hyrule`s death and Rhoam`s strict attitude towards Zelda from a sense of urgency (brought on by the knowledge of Ganon's return) also led to a strained relationship between father and daughter. Despite eventually understanding Zelda`s pain, Rhoam was too desperate with the situation to help heal her emotional wounds.

Once it seemed as though Zelda`s powers would never awaken, Rhoam opted to be more encouraging towards her, hoping that she may find another method in awakening her powers. Unfortunately, the Great Calamity was close at hand.

The Great Calamity

When Calamity Ganon attacked, King Rhoam aided with the effort of pushing him back along with the aid of the four Champions and the Divine Beasts. However, Ganon was cunning and created blight Ganons to take control of the Divine Beasts and turn the Guardians against the King and his people. Those inside Hyrule castle, including the Champions, and King Rhoam, all lost their lives. The only two who survived Ganon`s attack were Link and Zelda.

Out of options, the two fled. As they continued to flee, Link became badly injured. With the corrupted Guardians closing in, Zelda begged Link to run and save himself. However, he refused, instead staying to try and protect Zelda. When a Guardian began to target lock onto Link, Zelda positioned herself in front of him in an act of self-sacrifice, raising her right hand up to the Guardian. In that moment, her powers awakened, and all of the Guardians in the surrounding area were shut down by a blast of magical light. After this, however, Zelda heard a thump and turned around to find Link collapsed on the ground. His injuries too grave to heal, she held him in her arms as he died. The Master Sword then began to speak to Zelda, telling her that Link could still be saved if placed in the Shrine of Resurrection. Determined to save his life, Zelda instructed Purah and Robbie to carry Link to the Shrine at once.

Zelda then took the Master Sword to the Great Deku Tree in Korok Forest, considering it a safe place for the blade to rest for the next century. After saying her goodbyes to the tree, Zelda then left and returned to Hyrule Castle, where she used her powers to seal Calamity Ganon, and herself, away for the next one hundred years.

Though dead, Rhoam had since wandered the wild as a spirit, concealing himself in a brown cloak.

Link's return

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A hundred years after the Great Calamity, his daughter's spell beginning to wane, Rhoam encounters Link when he arrives to the Great Plateau, giving the youth some quests to complete serving as the youth's guide. Once Link completes the quest of entering the four Shrines on the Great Plateau, Rhoam reveals his identity to Link and proceeds to tell Link of the tragedy that had befallen Hyrule one hundred years ago. Rhoam then tells Link to make his way east toward Kakariko Village and seek out Impa, as heading off directly to Hyrule Castle right now in his current condition would be quite reckless. Following Ganon's defeat, King Rhoam sees his daughter one final time before he and the Champions depart.

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