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Revali is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[9][name reference needed]


Revali is known for his arrogant and sardonic outward personality, which is especially apparent when around Link. He is often boastful about his capabilities and is often unwilling to admit defeat when he gets bested by an opponent, claiming he wasn't trying his best such as when he was defeated by Windblight Ganon, where he claimed he was "only winging it". His resentment towards Link is due to envy of his higher position as well as his lack of expression rubbing him the wrong way.

In the Champion Revali's Song cutscene, EX Recovered Memory, it is revealed that Revali's abrasive and reserved persona is frequently used to cope with his insecurities. He berates himself after a failed attempt at mastering his signature move, and he would call Zelda out for witnessing his vulnerable side before putting his smug and confident barriers back up.[10]


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild[]

100 years prior to the events of Breath of the Wild, Revali was the Champion of the Rito tribe. He was known as the most skilled archer of all the Rito and could fire Arrows with the speed of a gale.[11] Revali has the ability to create an impressive updraft that allows him to soar, later named Revali's Gale after him.[1] His weapon was the Great Eagle Bow,[11] a weapon that is known for being too heavy for most Rito,[12] with Revali, despite his light frame, being the exception as he has both great strength and speed to counter the setbacks.[13]

Growing up in Rito Village, Revali took up writing a journal to document his thoughts and progress. He has been training all his life to be the top archer and has been known to have won several archery competitions he took part in, which his winning streak has become the number one topic among the Rito,[14] as he broke all the previous records and set the highest score.[15] Revali continued to receive so much praise and affirmations that he is the Rito's pride everywhere he went and as much as he appreciates it, the excessive attention he's getting caused him much stress.[16] When the elder asked him if he wanted a prize for his achievements, Revali requested for an archery training ground be constructed on Dronoc's Pass,[17] where the elevations are just right updraft blows constantly, and an idea of a new move that could take aerial archery to a whole new level has recently come to his mind.[18]

Revali adds another entry that he continued to push his archery skills to the limit and while he likes the results of the descent, his ascent didn't go so well as he thought it would,[19] but he is still determined to get better and stronger to which he won't catch a break until he succeeds.[20] He is aware that the Rito children look up to him and wanted to start using his training ground,[21] and he was okay with everyone using it since there are treacherous times ahead of them.[22] He decides to try out a new strategy that would help to control the updraft, unwilling to believe it was impossible.[23]

In another entry, Revali continuously heard rumors that Calamity Ganon's revival is unavoidable, which made him feel uneasy.[24] He recalls the Sheikah scientists have excavated the Divine Beasts with one of them being Divine Beast Vah Medoh which was used in the first battle against Ganon.[25] The Royal Family is searching for a warrior who is not only exceptionally skilled,[26] but their soul must possess incredible sacred power for the Divine Beast to recognize them as their master.[27] Having learned this, Revali is overcome with an epiphany that he should be selected to be its pilot,[28] and the thought of controlling it to destroy Ganon will provide an opportunity to prove himself to the world.[29]

Revali wrote in his journal that Princess Zelda arrived at Rito Village to ask him if he will pilot Divine Beast Vah Medoh, with him asking about what the plan was,[30] but he instantly regrets asking that question,[31] when she tells him that the Divine Beasts will be serving as support to a certain Hylian knight who was selected to face him head on.[32] The thought of himself as the sidekick turned him off and attempted to decline,[33] but Princess Zelda pleads him that innocent lives and the fate of the kingdom are at stake and they need his help.[34] As much as Revali was extremely upset, the look on her face ended up getting stuck in his head as she was being sincere.[35] He had thought that Hylians thought only of themselves, but he realized that there are some exceptions with Zelda being one of them.[36] Revali plans to accept her proposition, but out of self-respect, he delays his answer to get his thoughts sorted out.[37]

When Revali hears that Princess Zelda is coming by the following day and figures that she will be overjoyed when he accepts,[38] and as luck has had it, her timing was perfect as Revali was very close to perfecting his brand-new move and imagines showing off to everyone what he's capable of,[39] When they do, they will know that it should have been him instead of the Hylian knight Link who should have been chosen,[40] and the thought of everyone pleading to him on their knees,[41] to use his skills and intelligence to destroy Ganon,[42] and begins looking forward to this day.[43]

BotW Champion Revali's Song

Revali speaking with Princess Zelda

In the first Champion Revali's Song EX Recovered Memory, Princess Zelda arrives at the Flight Range, to meet with Revali, who is visibly out of breath as he made an attempt at summoning an updraft. During his ascent however, he is caught and thrown back onto the ground and struggles to get up due to pain and exhaustion. He chastises himself for not getting it right and is desperate to master it.[44] He soon spots Zelda watching him, and reprimands her for eavesdropping.[45] She apologizes and explains that she was told by the villagers that she would find him here.[46] Revali suspects that she is there to recruit him as the Champion Pilot of Divine Beast Vah Medoh to drive back Calamity Ganon and accepts her request.[47][48] The princess starts to thank him,[49] before he interrupts her,[50] and makes an attempt at creating an updraft and soars into the air again. This time, he does not fall, and he quickly locks onto three targets as he dives to make his move and shoots them down, and when he lands on the bottom, he used his gale once more as he destroys the remaining targets before landing on the fence outside the hut and asserts that he will be helping a certain knight defeat Ganon,[51] and adds that if this knight lost his confidence upon seeing him in action, he tells her not to come crying to him.[52]

In order to become a Champion, Revali had to overcome a trial to prove he was worthy of taming a Divine Beast. His trials included shooting the horn of the flame dragon Dinraal, racing down the snowy peaks while passing through the rings, and to shoot all four targets in quick succession.[53] Revali was able to pass the trial with flying colors.

BotW Picture of the Champions

The Picture of the Champions

During The Champions' Ballad, Revali attends the Champion inauguration ceremony at Hyrule Castle where he starts wearing his blue scarf crafted by Zelda as King Rhoam appoints them as official Champions. After its conclusion, the newly appointed Champions and the princess rest at the gazebo outside the castle. Revali shows interest in the Sheikah Slate,[54] as he takes it from the princess's hand to inspect it as she explains its uses while yet to discover more of its secrets.[55] He then places it into Mipha's hands to let her have a look, and once Urbosa mentions that the Sheikah Slate can take still-images,[56] it gets the Zora Princess's attention as she asks Zelda for a favor.[57] The five Champions and Zelda are soon gathered as Purah instructs everyone to get into position until it was satisfactory,[58][59] and just as Purah snaps a photo, Daruk had already pulled everyone together, with goofy results.

Revali later wrote about the ritual that he made his way to Hyrule Castle for the ceremony and now bears the title of "Champion",[60] which he believed that it was nothing but meaningless pomp and writes a remark that if true strength only relied on titles and uniforms then everyone's a Champion.[61] He admits that he is fond of his new blue scarf,[62] and notes that Link was as emotionless as ever and it gets on his nerves that he is unable to understand what he's thinking,[63] but at the same time, believe the stories of him besting adults when he was only four years old.[64] Regardless, he doesn't think that Link would stand a chance against him and adds that there is no one alive who can keep up with his aerial combat.[65] He then switches the subject that he managed to perfect his move and decides to give it a name,[66] and had some difficulty coming up with one as some of them don't sounding appealing to him.[67]

Revali was present during the ritual of Princess Zelda making Link her appointed knight in Link's first Recovered Memory. After Daruk commented on the depressing delivery of Zelda's speech,[68] Revali reminds Daruk that the "ceremonial pomp, grandeur, and nonsense" was his idea in the first place.[69] Revali then states his disapproval of Link until Urbosa tells him to stop.[70]

BotW Revali's Flap

Revali interacting with Link

During Link's second Recovered Memory take place, Link visits Rito Village He begins explains that he made this art of creating updrafts and continuously boasts of his skills, calling it a masterpiece of aerial techniques among the Rito and with them properly applied, he could easily defeat Ganon. He then walks around Link admits that despite the fact that he is the most skilled archer of all the Rito and wanted to be the one who stops Ganon, he does not like the idea of merely assisting Link, feeling that his talents are wasted, just because he wields the Master Sword.[71] Revali believes he is more skilled than the young hero.[72] After gloating about how his abilities are superior, he suggests they compete one on one atop the Divine Beast Vah Medoh though it was in the sky.[73] Revali then mocks Link over the fact that he won't be able to make it there on his own and soars upward to Medoh.[74][75]

Revali documents his encounter with Link from his own perspective. While Princess Zelda is on official business with the Rito elder as Link meets with him,[76] Revali notices that Link is still so quiet and stoic and is wonder why people like him, even when he first makes an attempt at a civil conversation with him.[77] It was revealed in this entry that he settled with naming his new move, Revali's Gale. He attempted to show him this impressive feat as Revali appears to him in the memory scene which Link doesn't react to,[78] despite knowing that he will fail at the attempt to at least get him to emote, which predictably he doesn't show visible amusement to it leading Revali to misinterpret this as Link being slow-witted.[79] Revali notes that he tried to provoke Link into challenging him yet Link does not even respond leaving Revali feeling like he's talking to a rock instead of an actual person which was the breaking point for him.[80] Revali thought that his interaction has wasted his time and the real reason for heading to Medoh was that he likely felt hurt by this and went there to find comfort there, [81] and is left to wonder what was with Link.[82]

Daruk would later visit Revali to let him know that he and the Champions have to escort the princess, who recently turned seventeen, and Link to Mt. Lanayru, so she can now start training there;[83] both to see her off and to meet with her again at sundown.[84] Revali is bothered that he has to participate in this, but he recalls that look on her face, [85] when she pleaded for him to pilot the Divine Beast earlier and notes that she wasn't just determined, but she was also desperate.[86] He also adds that she had not been able to fulfil her sacred duties of accessing her sealing magic and it was plain to see how heavy the responsibility was for her.[87] Revali admits that he has difficulty comprehending the problems of those who lack talent though he tries his best to show some sympathy.[88] He doesn't dislike Zelda and realized that she tries her hardest, but even that wasn't enough.[89] Revali decides not to spare any time sending her off in the morning, but he will definitively meet with her at sunset,[90] and he hopes that her sealing magic will cut her some slack and finally awaken this time.[91]

In Link's fifteenth Recovered Memory, Revali was seen with the rest of the Champions meeting Link and Zelda after her time in the Spring of Wisdom on Mount Lanayru. He noticed the princess's distress then asks her in a very somber tone if she still hasn't gotten any results,[92] which Zelda told him that it was so.[93] Urbosa insists that Zelda must find another way that could help awaken her power since pitying herself would do nothing to improve her situation. Minutes later, before Mipha could finish giving her advice to Zelda, there was a loud rumble and Revali flew into the air to discover that Calamity Ganon had finally awakened.[94] When asked by Mipha if he was sure,[95] Revali confirms to her that it was so.[96] At Daruk's command, he and the rest of the Champions hastened to their Divine Beasts.[97] while Link heads to Hyrule Castle,[98] which silently flusters Revali, and when Urbosa implores Zelda to take refuge,[99] the princess insists that she must find some way to help.[100]

To reach Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Revali used his gale to take to the sky and managed to fly straight to Rito Village with minimal obstacles in his way.[101] However, he saw that Medoh was already overtaken by Windblight Ganon. Despite his best efforts to fight back, Revali was defeated and lost his life. The Rito were aggrieved by the loss of their beloved warrior, and they named the platform Revali's Landing in his honor.[102]

For 100 years, Revali's spirit had remained sealed within Divine Beast Vah Medoh. When Link enters Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Revali acknowledges him and as much as he's glad to see him, he also admonishes him for taking a century to return.[103] He heads straight to the point deducing that Link has come to take back control of Medoh.[104] To pull this off, he informs him he will need to find a map of Vah Medoh's interiors.[105] and directs him to the Guidance Stone where he can receive it.[106]

Once Link activates the Guidance Stone which distills the map on his Sheikah Slate, Revali then instructs him to look closely as it has five terminals that are found around the Divine Beast,[107] and he must activate all of them to take back control.[108] He then asks if he's ready for the challenge.[109] As Link activates the terminals, Revali rallies him to keep at it with the tone in his voice changing.[110][111][112][113] After Link activates the last terminal, Revali will tell him that he now has to start the Main Control Unit[114] and lets him know that the new glowing point is where it's located.[115] and gets pushy when he tells him to "flap to it!".[116] However, when Link attempts to do so, Malice suddenly starts to swirl around it. As Windblight Ganon appears, Revali warns that it is one of Ganon's creations and fights dirty and reveals that it was responsible for his death 100 years ago only because he was winging it.[117] Revali reluctantly swallows his pride and implores Link to avenge him.[118]

BotW Revali Introduction

Revali's introduction

After defeating Windblight Ganon, Link was able to activate the Main Control Unit. When he does, Revali's spirit appears to greet him and congratulates him for destroying the demon[119] He proceeds to thank him for liberating his soul and returning Medoh to his control.[120] He tells Link not to take pride in doing what he did,[121] since Link proved his value, Revali rewards Link with his special skill that he dubbed Revali's Gale.[122] Bringing his wing up, a glowing green orb appears and he throws it at Link's chest, causing the wind to blow upwards.

Revali makes the decision that it is time for him to prepare for Divine Beast Vah Medoh's strike on Ganon,[123] though he teases Link by stating if he thinks he needs his help.[124] Though he asks Link to thank him,[125] Link begins to disappear in a golden light, so Revali tells him to go.[126] Before Link leaves, Revali reminds him that his job is not finished yet,[127] as Princess Zelda has been waiting for a long time.[128]

Assuming control of the now freed Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Revali positions it atop of the spire just above Rito Village as the Rito soar freely around it without fear of being attacked. Once the sights are all set on Hyrule Castle,[129] Revali believes that from their vantage point they should have a good angle on Ganon,[130] and encourages it to give it everything it has got.[131] For now, all they need to do is to wait for the moment where Link attacks the castle.[132] Despite the fact that he had to wait 100 years, Revali had been patient the whole time, and he believes that Medoh can stand to wait a bit longer.[133] Without having Link around, Revali admits that even without wings, Link has managed to make it to Medoh,[134] and has managed to accomplish something he himself had been unable to do.[135] Guessing he was wrong about Link's luck,[136] he hopes that it holds up for everyone's sake.[137]

Revali's soul will appear whenever Link uses Revali's Gale, soaring up with him before disappearing. His voice will also inform him when Revali's Gale has finished recharging.[138]

When the Champions' Ballad DLC Pack is active, The Diary of Revali will appear at Teba's Home after it was discovered in the Flight Range by the Rito.[139] After Link completes the EX Champion Revali's Song Main Quest, Revali expresses surprise that Link managed to pass the trial he himself went through and he will speed up Revali's Gale's cooldown time.[140] He adds that as how strong Link became, he could possibly defeat Calamity Ganon.[141] Revali's Gale is then upgraded to Revali's Gale +.

If Link chooses to repeat his fight with Windblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm, Revali will give out additional dialogue. In the first line of dialogue, Revali will ask Link how Rito Village is doing and quickly figures that the Rito are doing well as far as he's concerned, but he's in disbelief that it has been 100 years and he becomes slightly emotional when he laments that there is no one alive who knew him personally, but regardless he will always see his village as his home.[142] In the second line of dialogue, Revali sighs as he knows there's no point in dwelling on the past, but deep down he wished he and Link fought 100 years ago, a fight against the one who came to Rito Village to challenge his authority and tells him to imagine it. Revali raises his voice as he theatrically goes on about the hero of the Rito pitched against Hyrule's mightiest knight, dubbing it "The battle of the ages". Whether he won or lost, he would have loved to settle the score with him.[143] in his third line of dialogue, Revali notes that Link is rather persistent in his training, but moves on to the topic about his diary. He tells him not to believe a word of it and alleges that is not the author of it, dubbing it a misleading title.[144] In the fourth line of dialogue, Revali believes that his recent battle was part of his training against Calamity Ganon, and he couldn't blame him when he is likely anxious about the final battle. He then deduces that Link is looking for words of encouragement from his smooth voice, and as much as he understands why he needs that, he would rather prefer to keep Link in line instead.[145] In the fifth and final dialogue, Revali acknowledges that Link is working diligently, and advises him that after saving Zelda, he should not ask her about him and whatever she says, he urges him not to pursue this topic. As it had only been 100 years, Revali believes that her memory isn't what it used to be anyway.[146]

When Calamity Ganon breaks out of its confinement and falls into the Astral Observatory with Link, all of the liberated Divine Beasts will unleash their attacks. Revali saw that his time has finally arrived and warns Ganon to brace himself for the agony of his revenge for all that it did.[147] On its own, Revali’s attack will drain 12.5% of Calamity Ganon's health. When combined with the other freed Divine Beasts' attacks, a total of half of Calamity Ganon's health will be drained.

After Calamity Ganon is defeated for good, Revali's spirit perches atop of Hyrule Castle with his fellow Champions and King Rhoam, bidding farewell to Link and Zelda before departing for the afterlife.

Other Appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Revali — Spirit Battle Information

SSBU Revali Spirit Icon
SSBU Support Spirit Icon Support Spirit
No. 241
Team Power SSBU Grab Type Icon Grab | 4400 Rank ★★ ADVANCED Fighter(s)
Stage Skyloft (Battlefield) Theme "Kass's Theme" SSBU Falco Stock Icon 3 Falco
Rule(s) Hazard(s) Heavy Wind
 · Dangerously high winds are in effect
 · Stamina battle Triforce piece

Revali — Spirit Information

SSBU Revali Spirit Icon

No. 241
Rank ★★ ADVANCED Cost
Shooting Attack ↑
Slightly increases the power of projectile weapons such as bows or guns.

Revali appears as an Advanced Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity[]

In the Revali, the Rito Warrior Scenario, Revali's village had suffered continuous attacks from monsters led by the mysterious Malice infected Dimunitive Guardian which Revali and his army had barely managed to hold off. As a result, the Rito have since been on high alert for any Guardian activity.[148] Upon receiving a report about a similar Guardian, Revali was annoyed[149] and orders them to attack immediately. Revali swears that he will defend the very village he was born in[150] before using Revali's Gale to soar. He first attacks Link's party after mistaking Terrako for Harbinger Ganon, the one that had brought a horde of monsters to attack Rito Village. Upon confrontation, Link and Revali start to fight, with Link managing to hurl Revali against the barricade and the Rito warrior taking off unfazed and shoots a Bomb Arrow into the air and quickly circles and kicks Link into danger but Terrako alerts Link on the falling Bomb Arrow which explodes in midair. This doesn't stop Revali as he fires three Bomb arrows to create a smokescreen and states that Link thinks he is good, and quickly comes out of the smoke to attack Link from behind and declares that his own skills are superior.[151] but Zelda managed to stop them just before they are about to kill each other.[152] After this battle, Revali explains what happened that led him and his army to attack them. Zelda is relieved that neither Link nor Revali were harmed, regardless. Impa is interested on the topic about a Guardian similar to Terrako. Revali accepts his call to pilot Divine Beast Vah Medoh to counter Calamity Ganon,[153] before turning his attention to another person as he walks over to him.[154] He expresses skepticism about Link's role as Zelda's appointed knight as well as his being chosen to face Ganon directly,[155] as he saw Link as his rival. Terrako suddenly whistles, startling everyone including Revali,[156] and Impa explains that Terrako dubbed itself a knight in Zelda's service as well, much to Revali's astonishment,[157] but he scoffs it off.[158]

In the Freeing Korok Forest Scenario, when the Champions and Princess Zelda overlook Korok Forest at a high cliff, Revali steps forward and recalls how King Rhoam had chosen them for their part in driving back Calamity Ganon and is quite honored to excel.[159] Then Revali, still distrustful of Link, begins to sprout insults to his face,[160] to which Daruk stands up for Link and reminds him that they're dealing with the situation together.[161] Revali dismissed his words, stating that Medoh is the key to their sure victory,[162] before returning to harshly taunt Link[163] until Urbosa lets him know they had enough of his attitude.[164] Relenting, Revali summons Divine Beast Vah Medoh to deal with the worst of the monsters to show them what he is capable of. [165] Once the threats are dealt with, Revali descends and lets them know it's safe to proceed into Korok Forest as and rejoins them.[166] During their expedition, Mipha notes on the mist that blankets the woods, which a flustered Revali begins to rant about their progress.[167] Daruk remarks that he could just fly and find the way,[168] only for Revali to snap at him for it.[169] They soon encounter the music loving Hestu, who is on his way to the forest clearing but is nervous about the monster infestation, which Revali rudely suggests that he shouldn't not carrying his maracas[170] and Urbosa tells Hestu not to listen to him before offering to protect him along the way,[171] to Hestu's joy as he excitedly leads the way, with Revali shrugging before joining them. They notice strange appearances of Malice in the forest and four evil Malice doppelgangers of the Champion Pilots, including Revali called Hollows, which are created by Astor, a mysterious seer who teamed up with the Yiga Clan to ensure that Hyrule's dark future happens. After Link pulls the Master Sword to protect Zelda from Astor and the Hollows, Revali and the rest rejoin them and listen to the Great Deku Tree's words. It was from there that Princess Zelda really starts to worry about her progress at accessing her sealing power before Calamity Ganon arrives.

In The Road Home, Besieged Scenario, Revali is seen again with the Champions and the Hylian soldiers escorting Zelda home, and soon stops when the princess stops as anxiety kicks in. Terrako plays her lullaby to ease her mind before a disruption occurs, prompting the Champions and everyone to take action. After taking care of the monsters, the Champions are promoted and granted blue cloths with their Divine Beast emblems embedded on them; Revali swaps out his white tribal scarf with his new blue scarf. He is later seen relaxing outside with the Champions after all the excitement, but when Impa and Terrako begin to fight, they eventually invade Revali's space, driving him insane and insist that they take it somewhere else[172] but when they don't, he loses his temper[173] and quickly flies away to regain his lost composure.[174] Revali and the Champions return home to prepare for the worst as King Rhoam sent troops to Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno to protect those strongholds as the fall of either of those two would spell disaster for Hyrule, and had the civilians evacuated to minimize the casualties as it was found that Ganon is set to return on Zelda's 17th birthday as revealed by Terrako.

In the Calamity Strikes Scenario, a few days later, Revali is seen at the top of the Hebra Tower where he witnessed Calamity Ganon surrounding Hyrule Castle with Malice[175] and the shaking ground has him stricken with terror as he saw the Sheikah Towers across Hyrule begin to shut down. Revali was left with no choice but to board Vah Medoh to launch a counterstrike. Link, Impa, and Princess Zelda postpone their journey to the Spring of Wisdom due to the situation and the latter's father being in danger and is unable to protect him as he is supposedly killed by the Guardians. As the princess despaired over how badly things are going and Terrako summons four time portals that head to the Divine Beasts. Impa notices that Vah Medoh's circuitry still pulses blue indicating that Revali is still alive but with Malice trailing off it, it showed that he, along with the other Champions are in serious danger as they travel to their locations to save them.

In the Air and Lightning Scenario, Revali is revealed to be attacked by Windblight Ganon and made attempts to fight back but was forced into the defensive by dodging its cannon lasers. He soon cries out in pain when he gets struck in his left wing and tried to brush it off[176] as he is sent flying and Windblight aims both its cannons at Revali to fatally shoot him down. Before the demon could take his life, the time portal appears and summons Teba from the future, who then shoots arrows to intercept the monster's aim away from Revali, giving the Rito Champion time to recover and get back into the fight. Teba distracts Windblight for a while to give Revali an opening[177] and Revali used his gale to get a clear shot from above[178] as he shoots bomb arrows only for Windblight Ganon to block it. Teba is shocked that the phantom is still going strong[179] but Revali sees that help has arrived and reassure him of this[180]. After Link and the group force Windblight Ganon into retreat, they are joined by Urbosa and Riju and as Urbosa was thanking everyone for their help, Revali approaches Link[181] and gives his gratitude in a begrudging fashion,[182] shocking Teba who was about to comment on Revali's behavior[183] when Urbosa cuts him off before he could say something regretful before turning to inquire Zelda about Hyrule Castle's fate.[184] After hearing of the fall of Hyrule Castle, Revali takes Teba and they join forces to defend western Hyrule. Teba takes down the corrupted Guardian Skywatchers targeting Revali and the latter returns the favor by taking out the other foes pursuing Teba, who could not help but to be amazed by Revali's skills.[185] Revali stands his ground as he prepares to show the full extent of Divine Beast Vah Medoh's power.[186] Windblight returns in one last attempt at not only killing Revali, but Teba as well so it could take Medoh under Ganon's control and is joined by Thunderblight Ganon, but Revali was ready for them and unleashed his full wrath, in its purest form, upon them as he destroyed them, and secured western Hyrule.

In the Each Step Like Thunder Scenario, after some time, Revali, along with Mipha and Daruk assist Urbosa and Riju with the excess monsters that surround them as they defend Fort Hateno. It was there that Princess Zelda awakens her power to protect Link from Astor and the recreated Phantom Ganons, made from the souls of the Yiga Clan that Astor had harvested to do so, prompting Master Kohga and the surviving Yiga Clan members (minus Sooga whose fate is left uncertain) to side with the Hyrulean Army and Purah creates and activates a failsafe that disables a large number of corrupted Guardians that made up a huge portion of Ganon's army, turning the tides in Hyrule's favor, especially with both Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno successfully secured.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, EX Searching Hyrule Forest Scenario, Revali witnessed a mysterious Rito child wandering in the forest but quickly loses him. He then lets Teba know of this, and the latter is horrified and pleads with Revali to help find the missing child and his fears are not helped by the fact that there are lots of monsters loitering in there. Revali notes that the child resembles Teba and never saw a child like him in Rito Village in his own time. After some searching, they find the child, who is revealed to be Teba's son, Tulin who somehow ended up in the past and looked after by tiny creatures, and the Rito Captain offers to guard him as they make their way out as Teba doesn't want to leave him out on his own. As they reach their original destination, looking to be a dead end, Revali laments that they have no way out without the help of the Koroks, but Tulin's knowledge of the forest and sensing the wind allowed him to reveal the passageways to the real exit.

Upon reaching the exit, Teba tells Tulin to thank Revali since he saved his life[187] and the young boy complies.[188] Once Tulin goes in front of Revali to do so,[189] Revali smiles a bit and praises him for his bravery which he finds pretty good for someone so young.[190] Tulin becomes delighted[191] and excitedly tells him that he is training to reach his level and hopes to wield the Great Eagle Bow.[192] Revali reminds him that he could have been killed by the monsters and notes that he is still happy despite having gone through an ordeal that otherwise would have frightened kids Tulin's age[193] and turns to Teba as he adds that he might one day master the wind.[194] Teba agrees but adds that Tulin has to surpass his own father first and foremost.[195] Tulin gives off an imitation of Revali,[196] making Teba laugh before stopping himself since Revali is right next to him and the slightly miffed Rito Champion asked if that was supposed to be an impression of him.[197] Having seen the father-son bond as well as Tulin's hero worship and humorous side, Revali could not contain the rising joy and humor inside of him and lets out a laugh that caused him to lean his head back and hold his stomach as Teba, and Tulin follow.[198] As they calm down, Tulin attempts Tulin's Tornado, his own version of Revali's Gale, but he ends up falling on his back[199] as Teba walks up to him[200] as an amused Revali reminds him that he has a long way to go, affectionately giving him a nickname of "kid".[201]

In the All Hyrule United Scenario, The Champions, present and future, with the Divine Beasts as well as the armies of all the races in Hyrule are later summoned to Hyrule Field by Purah, who supercharged the Sheikah Towers to the max. A much more relaxed Revali is happy to get a chance at flaunting their magnificence,[202] and Teba encourages him to show off his Rito pride.[203] as Zelda gives a rousing speech to not give in to despair and with her surviving father's approval, she takes command of the united Hyrulean Army. Ganon raises its defenses to prevent the Champions from attacking it so Link and everyone on the ground takes out the monsters that hold up the barrier and Zelda used her power to dispel it even more. At Zelda's orders, Revali opens fire at Calamity Ganon to weaken it alongside the other three Champions.[204][205][206][207] However, the sky turns red as the Blood Moon rises, reviving all of the fallen monsters, but in spite of this, they prevailed.

In The Future of Hyrule Scenario, after persevering over the constant revivals, Zelda leads the ground army while Revali and Teba charge from the air with the Rito forces to confront Astor and Harbinger Ganon. The Blight Ganons are destroyed for good, and Harbinger Ganon and Astor are also defeated. Astor enters into a violent breakdown as he orders Ganon to devour the heroes, but Ganon, as Sooga had forewarned about mortals trying to control him, absorbs the seer to take on a new form and some of its Malice had possessed Terrako, who attempts to resist it before succumbing to Ganon's influence leaving Link and Zelda with no choice but to battle it. Once Terrako is severely damaged, Revali and the rest of the warriors look on in sadness with Zelda over their fallen friend and Zelda becomes determined to defeat Ganon once and for all. They confront him at the sanctum where he is regaining his power, but he was impervious to all of their attacks, and Zelda tries to seal him away and her power restores some strength into Terrako, who charges upstairs to destroy itself by jumping between her and Ganon to destroy its defenses. With Ganon now vulnerable, the heroes are able to weaken him even more. Link charges the Master Sword as he runs towards Calamity Ganon as Daruk[208] and Revali[209] motivate him as Link clives Ganon and Zelda managing to successfully seal him away forever, restoring peace to Hyrule. With their purposes now served, Sidon, Yunobo, Teba, and Riju are being sent back to their own timelines and Teba[210] and Revali[211] exchange good-byes as Zelda vows to never forget the miracles that was brought by them and wishes them a bright future as they are returned to their own time.

In the Terrako's Return Quest, Hyrule is safe from Ganon, and since Terrako was responsible for all the miracles that kept the Champions alive, the Divine Beasts under Hyrulean control, still and turning the tide altogether, everyone including Revali decide to repay it for its efforts by searching for its fifty components across Hyrule and bringing them to the Hyrule Royal Lab, where Terrako is reconstructed. When Terrako isn't responding, everyone is worried and Revali reassures that it's taking its time to become fully alert,[212] which Impa agrees and tries to wake it up herself before Zelda stops her and steps in front of it. With the presence of its original creator, Terrako becomes fully functional, much to the relief of everyone, and even Revali cracks a smile before turning away as Zelda hugs it, crying tears of joy as Terrako mistook it for sadness and plays her lullaby once more. During the credits scene following Terrako's restoration, the Dimunitive Guardian visits all of its friends and paid a visit to Rito Village to greet Revali, who pets it hello before allowing it to ride on his back as he flew, showing that they are on much better terms than they were earlier. Revali is seen again at Hyrule Castle with all of the warriors as he joins his friends in a group hug as the others look on.

During the DLC ending, Teba, Revali, and Tulin are hanging out at the Flight Range. Revali is seated at the corner with Tulin sleeping on his lap and he manages to stop the blanket from blowing away as Teba enjoys watching them bond since their first meeting. Revali is seen with Link, Zelda, and the present and future Champions and they talk among themselves and Terrako joins in and made them smile. During the final cutscene, Revali and the Champions are at the Sheikah Tower, having each returned to their original attires as they watch Princess Zelda and Terrako fly off on a paraglider, showcasing the growth that Zelda had undergone, from being an insecure and anxious girl, to being more self-assured and upbeat young woman. She takes in the beauty of the scenery and notes that all of their efforts are worth it.


  • During a bonus session of the documentary about the making of Breath of the Wild, sound director Hajime Wakai stated that Revali is his favorite character.[213]
  • His final line before flying off to Medoh in the second memory was different between versions. In the Japanese version, he merely laughed derisively as he flew away. In the English version, he instead sarcastically bade Link good luck in sealing away the darkness as he flew off.
  • An amiibo based on Revali was released on November 10, 2017. This amiibo is compatible with Breath of the Wild's DLC packs.
  • The Spirit Battle for the Zelda (Breath of the Wild) Support Spirit references the plot of Breath of the Wild. Four Fighters resembling the Champion must be defeated before Link and Princess Zelda appear. In this Spirit Battle, Revali is represented by Falco.
  • Of the four Champions, Revali is the only one without a descendant in the present or ancestry with the Seven Sages.


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