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Kafei and Anju Reunited

Reuniting Kafei and Anju is a task in the Bombers' Notebook in Majora's Mask.[name reference needed] It includes various characters and spans all three days. In order to complete every entry in the Bombers' Notebook, Link will have to go through most of the sequence twice, which means returning back to the First Day to fill in any remaining gaps in the Notebook he was unable to complete in the standard three-day-span.








Event Procedure

First Day

As Link exits the Clock Tower, he will see a young boy put a letter in the mailbox and run away. After that, he goes towards the Mayor's office in East Clock Town.

On the First or Second Day, Link can talk to Madame Aroma in the Mayor's Official Residence (which is open to the public from 10 am to 8 pm), who will send him to look for her missing son Kafei, giving him Kafei's Mask to do so.[1]

The Postman teases Anju while she begs him to tell her which Mailbox the Letter From Kafei was removed from

From 1:50 pm and 4:00 pm, if Link speaks with Anju she will tell him about his apparent reservation and give him the Room Key[2] (in Majora's Mask 3D, she will only give Link the key if he is a Goron).

At 2 pm, the Postman will enter the Stockpot Inn. He delivers a letter to Anju from a mysterious person. Anju insists that he tell her which postbox it came from, but he refuses.[8] After this, the Postman leaves. From the moment the Postman leaves (2:20 pm) to 9:05 pm, if Link speaks to Anju wearing Kafei's Mask, she asks Link to meet her in the kitchen at 11:30 pm.[9] As Link got a reservation for a room in the second floor, he is able to stay in the inn even after it closes at 8:30pm. In the event that Link fails to receive the Room Key, he can still enter the Inn through the unlocked door on the veranda.[10]

If Link scheduled the meeting, Anju will exit the staff-only room at 11:30, arriving in the kitchen at 12 am. If Link speaks to Anju before she leaves, she tells Link that she received a letter from Kafei,[11] then gives Link a letter addressed to Kafei and asks him to put it in the postbox.[12] Anju then asks Link to meet with Kafei.[13]

Quest-Ending Actions:

In any of these cases, Link will have to restart the quest again.

Second Day

After Link deposits Anju's Letter into the mailbox, the Postman eventually takes it while examining every mailbox. Meanwhile, Link hangs around the Laundry Pool until 3 PM on the afternoon of the second day. The Postman delivers Link's letter to the young boy he saw on the first day. Following the boy into the door at the Laundry Pool leads him to a hidden room of the Curiosity Shop. Once inside, Link speaks with the boy to learn that he is actually Kafei.[15]

Link & Tatl meet Kafei behind the Curiosity Shop

He tells Link that he has been turned into a child by the Skull Kid and his ceremonial mask, the Sun Mask, was stolen by Sakon.[16] Kafei promised Anju that he would come with the mask, so he refuses to return until he has the mask back in his possession.[17] Kafei then gives Link the Pendant of Memories and asks him to deliver it to Anju.[18] If Link hurries, he becomes able to give it to her on the second day (the Bunny Hood is helpful). If not, he can still wait until the third day to deliver it.

In any case, two optional events can be witnessed from this moment on. At 9:30pm, after entering the room he reserved in the first day, he can hear a dialogue from Anju's room, where the aforementioned owner of the inn is arguing with her mother, who suspects that Kafei fled to the ranch to join Cremia, but Anju refuses to believe that, and decides to wait for him (either until he finally comes or until 6pm from the next day if Link hasn't given the pendant to her yet);[19] at 1am, Sakon goes to the Curiosity shop to sell the shopkeeper the Bomb Bag he stole the previous day (this is why Link shouldn't stop him at that moment). Kafei sees the thief from the back room, then plans to follow him.[14]

Final Day

If Link has already given Anju the Pendant of Memories, then he can sit around the Laundry Pool until the afternoon. If not, he needs to deliver it first (in this case, Anju is found in the room where Gorman, Guru-Guru and the two pairs of twins were), then head to the Laundry Pool.

At 1pm, the door is unlocked and Link can go back inside. Once there, he meets the Man from the Curiosity Shop; He tells Link that Kafei has left for Ikana Canyon and gives him both the Keaton Mask and Priority Mail for Madame Aroma.[14][20] If Link has saved the old lady of the bomb shop from Sakon on the night of the first day, Kafei will still be there since Sakon wouldn't have come yet to the shop (not without something stolen to sell); therefore, Link cannot continue this sidequest, and must start the quest over from the beginning.[21]

Controlling Kafei while inside Sakon's Hideout

Link then goes to Ikana Canyon, and finds Kafei where the river leaves the area. Sakon's stronghold is here, and Kafei tells Link that it's only matter of time before the thief returns there.[22] At 6pm, Sakon indeed returns to his hideout and opens the door.

Quest-Ending Moment: As Sakon approaches, Link must not be seen; he must hide behind the nearby pile of rocks or use the Stone Mask. If Sakon suspects that someone is watching him enter the hideout, he flees and never comes back. The sidequest then ends at this moment. Nonetheless, Link may still take the priority mail to the Milk Bar and obtain the sixth bottle.

Once inside the hideout, Kafei accidentally sends his mask down a conveyor belt.[23] It's soon realized that the switches and the doors in the place are mixed up, meaning that at least two people are required to infiltrate in the hideout, one in each route.[24] For the next few minutes, the player will control both Link and Kafei as both work through Sakon's Hideout (this is arguably a first for The Legend of Zelda series).

  • As Kafei, the player needs to solve some simple block puzzles. The blue switches open the doors from Link's route. If Kafei steps on a red switch he and Link lose some time, as the conveyor belt moves faster; but if he steps on a yellow switch he and Link gain some time because the belt moves slower.
  • As Link, the player fights off Deku Babas and a Wolfos. The death of these creatures open the doors from Kafei's route.

Quest-Ending Moment: If the two characters take too long, the mask will fall into a hole leading to Sakon's whereabouts (where the thief is waiting for his acquisition to flee from Termina for good). If this happens, the sidequest is over.[25]

At the end, Kafei gets the Sun's Mask back.[26] Link then sees him start running back to town, and Link also needs to get back there, but he only has a few minutes and it is a lot easier to warp there using the Song of Soaring.

It's over 12am when Link goes to town, but the anticipated reunion only occurs at 4:30am. He can, meanwhile, do one of these two things:

  • Route 1: He can head to the Milk Bar and go inside; he then puts on Kafei's Mask, and speaks to Madame Aroma. She takes the Priority Mail Link received from the Curiosity shop's owner and then gives the Hero a Bottle full of Chateau Romani as a reward for his actions.[27]
  • Route 2: He can head to the Post Office and go inside, and show the aforementioned Priority Mail to the Postman, who is worried because he wants to flee, but he also wants to fulfill his scheduled activities.[28] He gets ready and takes the letter to Madame Aroma at the Milk Bar, with Link following him.[36] After the Postman exits, Link can speak with him to receive the Postman's Hat as a reward for helping the postman to fulfill his last duty and enabling him to flee.[37]

Note: Any player who wants to collect everything in the game will therefore need to guide Link through this long sidequest twice in order to get all rewards. Because the quest can be started early in the game, it can be played as soon as possible to help either Madame Aroma or the Postman, then once more after access to Ikana Canyon to help the other character and to further proceed in the task. It helps that the bar is open to the public between 6 and 9pm on the Final Day.

Finally, Link heads to the Employees Only room of the Stock Pot Inn, whose door has been unlocked by this point. Inside, Link sees Anju waiting for Kafei, but only if Link gave her the pendant. At 4:30am, the two receive Kafei, who finally comes in. The two engaged characters hug each other and then exchange masks, the Sun Mask and Moon's Mask (guarded by Anju), which magically merge to become the Couple's Mask, and the couple gives it to Link for witnessing the act (and obviously for helping them reunite).[38]

Reunited, Anju and Kafei wait for the morning together

As rewarding as it feels to reunite them, Link only gets to enjoy it for a brief moment. About a minute after he has reunited them, the Moon will crash. So, Link needs to play the Song of Time immediately to save his progress, or hurry to the Clock Tower if he plans to confront the Skull Kid and, if the Four Giants were freed, to complete the game's main objective.


If returning to the First Day was the chosen option, there is one more action that can be performed, thanks to the availability of the Couple's Mask. At 10am of the First or Second Day, Link heads to the Mayor's office but this time he goes left. He enters the middle of a fierce meeting, and puts on the Couple's Mask and speaks with the Mayor to end the meeting and receive a Piece of Heart. Likewise, if he got the Postman's Hat, he can view any mailbox to receive another Heart Piece.

Finally, if the Skull Kid was defeated after completion of the sidequest, Anju and Kafei's wedding will be shown during the ending credits.


  • If Link does not talk to Anju with the Kafei Mask during day one, she will go outside to the Laundry Pool.
  • If Link forgets to give the Pendant of Memories to Anju, she will flee town with her family. If Link still helps Kafei, he will go to the Stock Pot Inn anyway and find that Anju is gone.[39]
  • This sidequest is also useful to test one of the glitches involving the free use of the Fierce Deity's Mask.
  • The scene framing during the credit's wedding sequence is done in a way that avoids directly showing Kafei. While this is most likely to avoid the need of developers to create a second character model for Kafei, fans have joked this could imply Kafei hasn't (or won't) change back and is an attempt to make the sequence look less awkward.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Federal Republic of Germany German Hochzeit mit Hindernissen


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