The Retsam Forest is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in Hateno Village in the East Necluda region of Hyrule. The forest is close to Hateno Pasture and Lake Sumac. It is located northeast of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and southwest of Walnot Mountain.

The forest is currently suffering from an overpopulation of Deer to the point the local farmer Dantz who works in nearby Hateno Pasture has decided to enlist travelers to hunt them in order to keep their population in check. This results in the Deer Hunting mini-game in which Link is given one minute to kill as may Mountain Bucks he can with Dantz rewarding him a certain amount of Rupees based on the number of deer killed within the time limit. Link can keep any Raw Prime Meat he collects during the mini-game. Woodland Boars also appear during the mini-game but killing them earns Link nothing other than Raw Meat though he should focus primarily on the deer. Interestingly, no deer or boars appear in Restam Forest outside of the mini-game.

Hightail Lizards, Restless Crickets, and Common Sparrows live here as well. Sunset Firefly appear here at night. Hylian Shrooms, Ironshrooms, Silent Shrooms, Stamella Shrooms, and Sunshrooms grow here. Sunshrooms found here play a role in the Side Quest "Sunshroom Sensing" given by Symin after Link receives the Sheikah Sensor+ upgrade during "Slated for Upgrades".


Retsam is "master" backwards.

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