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Restoring the Blue Flame is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[2]

Location and Rules[]

Restoring the Blue Flame is operated by Aya, a worker at East Akkala Stable. She is clearly saddened,[3] but when Link asks her why, she reveals that the Blue Flame is the reason.[4] With further prodding, she reveals that she her life has been dull as of late, and she used to pass her time by looking at the nearby Blue Flame Pedestal.[5] Unfortunately, the director of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Robbie, has not lit the Blue Flame in quite some time.[6]

Link can offer to light the Blue Flame Pedestal for Aya, which she realizes is a possible solution for her problem.[7] She challenges Link to bring back a Blue Flame to light the Pedestal in under three minutes.[8] If Link agrees to this, Aya will then request 20 Rupees as a Horse-handling fee.[1] At Link's confusion, she explains that she can not see how he could achieve such a time without riding a Horse.[9]

Once Link pays, Aya says that he will not regret it.[10] She reminds him that his goal is to return in under three minutes.[11] Aya begins her countdown,[12] only to reveal that this is what she will say before Link starts.[13]

During the Mini-Game, Link must reach the nearest Blue Flame source and return to the Blue Flame Pedestal at East Akkala Stable within three minutes. If no preparation has been done ahead of time, the nearest location to get a Blue Flame is the Ancient Furnace on top of Tumlea Heights. However, the Blue Flame Pedestal just north of East Akkala Stable is much closer, and it will remain lit throughout the duration of the game. Link can retrieve a Blue Flame from this Pedestal much quicker.

When Link relights the Blue Flame Pedestal, Aya will be elated that the Blue Flame has returned.[14] She realizes that she should give Link a reward, and so she gives him a Purple Rupee.[15] She says goodbye to Link, telling him she will see him later.[16]

To continue playing Restoring the Blue Flame, Link must extinguish the Blue Flame within the Pedestal. This can be done quickly by waving a Korok Leaf or shooting it with an Arrow. However, doing this will irritate Aya.[17]

Since the Blue Flame went out, Aya asks Link if he could relight it a second time.[18] Now, she asks if he can complete this challenge in under one minute.[19] If Link agrees, she will take another 20 Rupee Horse-handling fee.[1] Before he leaves, Aya once again reminds him that he must complete the task in one minute or less.[20] This time, Aya gifts Link a Silver Rupee as a reward.[15]

The next time the Blue Flame Pedestal is extinguished, Aya will ask Link to bring a Blue Flame back in under 20 seconds.[21] She reminds him of this time again before he sets out.[22] Link's reward for completing this challenge is a Gold Rupee.[15]

After accomplishing this, Aya's reward stays at 20 Rupees, which she will warn Link of if he tries again.[23] She is appreciative if Link still decides to help her.[24] When Link completes this task, Aya gives him a Red Rupee,[15] which covers the cost of the fee.


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