"Really? Thank you! I'll leave this to you! Patch lives at the top of Restoration Wall to the south! After you get the Tuni Nut fixed, take it to the house in the middle of the city and place it on the pedestal."
— Citizen of Symmetry City

Restoration Wall is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Located within Talus Peaks in northwestern Labrynna, just south of Symmetry City, Restoration Wall consists of a large wall overgrown with vines and featuring many rocky outcroppings. Boulders are constantly falling, however, making climbing difficult.

Link can use the vines growing on the wall to climb and eventually reach the top of it, where Patch, the Restoration Guru, lives. Patch has the power to repair almost any item through his complex Restoration Ceremony. Link must travel here once in order for Patch to repair the broken Tuni Nut needed to maintain the balance in Symmetry City. He can also return at a later point in order to repair the Broken Sword and obtain the Noble Sword, the last part of the game's trading quest.

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