"My Restoration Ceremony might fix it."

The Restoration Ceremony, also known as Patch's Crazy Cart, is an event from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. When Link obtains the broken Tuni Nut and later the Broken Sword, he can take them to Patch at Restoration Wall. Here, the guru tells Link that he can repair the items through a complex ritual. Patch makes many Freudian slips regarding the Restoration Ceremony, often calling it a "trap" before correcting himself.

Firstly, Patch places the broken object on a special tile, chanting some nonsensical words as he attempts to repair it. Around the entire area runs a Mine Cart. Link must knock the Hardhat Beetles that appear down into holes scattered around the room; if this is not completed before the mine cart hits the broken item, the ceremony will be unsuccessful. There is a Foot Switch that Link can step on to redirect the tracks, preventing the Mine Cart from hitting the item for the duration of an entire lap.

If Link has the Wooden Sword, then the Broken Sword will become the Noble Sword. However if Link already has the Noble Sword, then the Broken Sword will become the Master Sword.


Bonus Video Restoration Ceremony (Oracle of Ages)

Bonus Video Restoration Ceremony (Oracle of Ages)

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