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Rescue Knight
Patrol Skyloft

The Rescue Knights are a group that appears in Skyward Sword.[1] The appear at the beginning of the Wing Ceremony, trailing colored smoke behind them.


The Rescue Knights patrol the airs above Skyloft and rescue those that fall off the edge, often giving them a stern warning to be more careful.[2][3] Only seniors who graduate from the Knight Academy are allowed to become Rescue Knights,[4] but senior students at the Knight Academy such as Karane, Pipit and Link get to wear knight uniforms before they graduate.[5] Only certified Rescue Knights are allowed to pilot their Loftwings at night,[6] and their Loftwings are equipped with a flashlight on their headgear.


  • Croo boasts that his grandson is a Rescue Knight.[7]
  • The three Rescue Knights appear in green, red and blue attire. This is a reference to the colors of Link's Tunics.



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