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Rem's Shoe Store,[1] also known as Rem's Shoe Shop,[2] is a location in The Minish Cap.

Features and Overview

Located in Hyrule Town, Rem's Shoe Store is owned by Rem, a shoe-maker that is always falling asleep on his job.[3] Due to this, the Minish are usually the ones that make shoes while Rem is asleep, making him think that he works while he sleeps.[4][5][6]

Since Link cannot get across Castor Wilds without the Pegasus Boots, he must visit Rem's Shoe Store and ask Rem to make a pair for him. The Minish mention that they just finished making a pair of Pegasus Boots, but since Rem is the only one who can put the finishing touches on the shoes, Link must find a way to wake him up.[5][7] As such, the Minish tell him where to find the Wake-Up Mushroom, located in Syrup the Witch's Hut deep in the Minish Woods.[8][9][10] Once Link obtains the Wake-Up Mushroom and uses it in front of Rem, the shoe-maker thanks him for waking him by giving Link the Pegasus Boots for free.[11]

One of the three Minish on Rem's desk will recognize Link as the one who brought the Picori Blade to Melari and states that he would like to go on a quest, but laments that he must make shoes for Rem.[12]


  • The Minish living in Rem's shop are likely a reference to the famous Grimm's fairytale of The Elves and the Shoemaker.
  • The three Minish in Rem's Shoe Store have recurring verbal quirks whenever they speak. One begins by saying, "Hey, hey!" while the other two say, "Ho, ho!" and, "Ha, ha!" respectively.


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