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Red Potions,(OoT | MM | TWW | TMC | TP | PH | ST)[1] also known as Medicines of Life,(ALttP)[1] Life Medecines,(ALttP)[2] and Bottles of Red Potion,(MM)[3] is a recurring item in the The Legend of Zelda series, first appearing in A Link to the Past.

Location and uses[]

The Red Potion is a Potion used to replenish Link's Life Gauge. In its early appearances, the Red Potion replenishes all of Link's Hearts, much like a Life Potion, but in later appearances, it restores only up to six or eight Hearts. Like the Green and Blue Potions, Link is required to have an Empty Bottle to contain the Red Potion.

Mainline appearances[]

A Link to the Past[]

In A Link to the Past, Red Potions can be bought from the Witch's Hut for 120 Rupees. The shopkeeper allows Link to instantly take a sample of the Red Potion in the shop for free, and it fully restores his health, like the product itself.

Ocarina of Time[]

In Ocarina of Time, Red Potions are single-use items that fully restore Link's health, just like in the previous game. They are sold by various Business Scrubs, and they are also sold at the Potion Shop at 30 Rupees each; the Goron Shop at 40 Rupees each; and at the Zora Shop at 50 Rupees each.

Majora's Mask[]

In Majora's Mask, Red Potions are based on their appearance in Ocarina of Time, but have their role expanded upon. Red Potions function identically as before, with the added effect of being able to remove the curse that Blue Bubbles inflict upon Link.

Red Potions are sold in several locations, from cheapest to most expensive: the Magic Hags' Potion Shop for 20 Rupees; the Trading Post for 30 Rupees; the Goron Shop for 50 or 80 Rupees; and Zora Hall for 60 Rupees. Conversely, Link can sell a Red Potion at the Curiosity Shop for 20 Rupees, the same price as it costs in the Magic Hags' Potion Shop.

Though Link usually has to pay for Red Potions at the Magic Hags' Potion Shop, Kotake will give him a free bottle of Red Potion to heal Koume in the Woods of Mystery. Link can optionally give a Red Potion to Shiro in exchange for the Stone Mask.

The Wind Waker[]

In The Wind Waker, Red Potions fully restore Link's health, as in previous games. Red Potions are now composed of Red Chuchu Jelly, and Chu Jelly Juice Shop, Link can pay 20 Rupees to have Doc Bandam convert Red Chuchu Jelly into a Red Potion. Red Potions can also be bought from Beedle's Shop Ship at 30 Rupees each.

The Minish Cap[]

Red Potions restore all of Link's hearts in The Minish Cap. Link can purchase a Red Potion from Syrup in the Witch's Hut for 150 Rupees, although only after he fuses Kinstones with the Forest Picori in South Hyrule Field

Phantom Hourglass[]

In Phantom Hourglass, unlike previous installments, Red Potions restore only up to six hearts. Just like in The Wind Waker, it can be bought from Beedle's Shop Ship, at the same price of 30 Rupees.

Spirit Tracks[]

In Spirit Tracks, Red Potions are functionally identical to their appearance in Phantom Hourglass, even costing 30 Rupees as before, but they can only be bought deom the Castle Town Shop.

Skyward Sword[]

The Heart Potion, as it is called in Skyward Sword, can restore up to eight hearts. It can first be upgraded to the Heart Potion+, which is functionally identical to the standard Heart Potion's appearances prior to Phantom Hourglass, and upgraded a second time to the Heart Potion++, which retains its functionality but can be used twice.

A Link Between Worlds[]

Red Potions in A Link Between Worlds can restore up to eight hearts, just like in Skyward Sword. Link can purchase it at the Witch's House for 50 Rupees, provided he has an Empty Bottle to store it inside of.

Spinoff appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors[]

Red Potions are a usable item in Hyrule Warriors and its reissues, Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapanese赤いクスリ (Akai Kusuri) (ALttP | OoT)[4][5]
あかいくすり (Akai Kusuri) (ALttP)[6]
赤い薬 (Akai Kusuri) (ALBW)[7]
Red Medicine
Red Medicine
Red Medicine
CanadaFrenchCAPotion rouge (ST)[8]
Potion rogue (ALBW)[9]
Red potion
FranceFrenchEUPotion rouge (ST)[10]
Potion rogue (ALBW)[11]
Red potion
GermanyGermanRotes Elixier (ST | ALBW | HWDE)[12][13][14]
ItalyItalianPozione vita (ST)[15]
Pozione Vita (ST)[16]
Pozione rossa (ALBW)[17]
SpainSpanishEUPoción roja (ST | ALBW)[18][19]Red potion
Latin AmericaSpanishLAPoción roja (ST | ALBW)[20][21]Red potion
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