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The Red Juggler is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[3] The Red Juggler goes unnamed in Ocarina of Time.[note 1]


The Red Juggler is a member of the Twin Jugglers along with his brother, the Blue Juggler.

Ocarina of Time

The Red Juggler is shown as something of a bully who is constantly mocking others, particularly the Blue Juggler, and is always laughing over something, usually someone else.

When Link first arrives in Hyrule Castle Town, the Red Juggler laughs at the Blue Juggler, calling him an idiot for getting stuck in the drainpipe resulting in the castle increasing its security. [5][6]

Seven years later, the Red Juggler has fled to Kakariko village and is sheltered by an unnamed generous woman who also lodges Talon(when he is driven away from Lon Lon Ranch), Professor Shikashi, Mamamu Yan and an unnamed bearded man. The REd Juggler still bullies the Blue Juggler and disbelieves his claim of seeing Dampe's ghost with the Hookshoot.[7][8] He will also make fun of Link for wearing Kokiri Clothes if he visits him at night.[9]

Majora's Mask


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  1. In the Majora's Mask section of Encyclopedia, the twins are individually named "Red Juggler" and "Blue Juggler".[3] These names are not used in the Ocarina of Time section, where they are instead collectively named the "Twin Jugglers",[4] despite the fact that they are never seen juggling in-game.


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