"If you shoot that which releases the sacred golden light into the blood-stained, red emblem outside the temple... it shall rearrange things, in which the earth is born in the heavens and the moon is born on the earth."
Garo Master

Red Emblems are objects from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The primary Red Emblem is embedded in the outer walls of Stone Tower Temple of Ikana, and two others can be found in rooms within the temple itself. When any of these are pierced by a Light Arrow, the entire Stone Tower and the temple within it flips upside down. Link uses the power of these emblems to forge a new path through the temple and to reach Twinmold at its end.

Death Armos also have a similar emblem on their chest. When hit with a Light Arrow it will cause them to invert themselves, allowing Link to damage them by avoiding their attacks.

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