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Princess Zelda

The Recruit Uniform (みならい兵士の服 Minarai Heishi no Fuku?, Apprentice Soldier's Clothes) is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. This green three-piece outfit, complete with a green hat, is worn by recruits for the Hyrulean Soldiers until they are promoted to the rank of soldier. After summoning Link to her personal chambers in Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda gives one to the hero for him to use as a disguise. With the help of his disguise, Link successfully sneaks Zelda out of the castle.

The Recruit Uniform is identical in appearance to the Hero's Clothes, the green garb worn by Link in other games in the series, and is thus potentially based on the clothes worn by the Link who first discovered New Hyrule. Strangely, the Recruit Uniform worn by the recruit in the castle has a simple silver belt buckle, as opposed to the yellow swirled belt buckle on Link's set of clothes.

Despite there being no real need to wear the Recruit Uniform after Zelda's escape, Link continues to wear it rather than his engineer's uniform. The Recruit Uniform can be switched out for the engineer's uniform later in the game if fifteen stamps are shown to Niko.

Link's Recruit Uniform is taken as proof that he is a soldier of Hyrule, but interestingly, an Out-of-place Soldier in Disorientation Station sees Link as a soldier even if Link has chosen to change back to his Engineer's Clothes.

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